August 29, 2015

Pancake Breakfast!
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  • At 6:50, I heard Keaton coughing on the monitor and then Graham asking her if she was okay.  I then heard nothing else and went back to sleep as I was thinking how sweet her big brother was to check on his little sister.  I didn't know it but Graham soon woke up and headed to play on his kindle.  
  • It was well after 7 when we finally woke up again and it would have been a wonderful Saturday to lay in bed but nope, not today.  We woke everyone up and headed to support Brett's basketball team.  They had a pancake breakfast to raise money so we went to have breakfast there.  When Brett served Keaton and Graham both a plate of pancakes, Graham said "I will share with her."-My boy thought that he had to share his plate with his sister.
  • Next up was a quick run to Grannymom's house to pick up Anderson-we knew he wouldn't want to miss the next activity.  We met the Wilsons at Two Rivers Park and unloaded a trunk load of bikes.  
  • I wasn't too sure how well the kids would do on their bikes for a long ride.  I was quite surprised that they did really well.  Now, Campbell was still at Nonna and Pops' house so that did help-she would have given out at mile one and she isn't the best bike rider without training wheels yet.  My goal though is to go back there with her so she can get some practice and will be ready the next time the Wilson's want to go on a long, long, long walk.
  • Keaton and Whitman rode in their strollers and Whitman snoozed most of the time.  Keaton did walk for a bit but quickly realized that she couldn't keep up with Shannon (I can't either!)
  • I had not been to that Two Rivers park in years and years and was pleasantly surprised.  It was a really nice area and we just did one and a half loops but ended up walking over 5 miles.  Much of the walk was a big circle and we could see the kids pretty much the entire time but they stayed together and would stop and wait on us every once in a while.  Now, towards the end of the ride, they stopped much more frequently to wait on us.  
  • Two things I knew for sure at the end of our walk-we should have brought lunch because it was after lunch time when we were finished and we were hungry.  And I realized that my kiddos are all going to need new bikes-Anderson is going to need a bigger one, Graham could step into Anderson's but his bike has been a lemon since we bought it and Reagan also needs a bigger one.  
  • After our walk, we went to pick up Campbell from Nonna and Pops.  She had a great time over there and was completely spoiled and I do think that she would have stayed for the rest of the day or possibly another night.  On the ride home, Keaton said that it was her turn to spend the night at Nonna's house and then asked me if she could pack her bag when we got home.  I told her that Nonna would need a few days to recover.
  • Speaking of recovering, I needed a nap to recover from our walk but there were no naps to be had today.  Robby made a late lunch for us while I worked upstairs.  Then he took some pictures of the bunk beds while the kids and I cleaned the kitchen.  After putting the beds on facebook, the quickly sold so now to take them apart and get them picked up.  The kids are thrilled that they are going to get to sleep on their mattresses on the floor for the next few days (or weeks!)
  • Around 5, Robby lost his mind and decided to take everyone to the pool.  I stayed home and completed the boys new closet, did laundry and stayed busy the entire time that they were gone. They had a fun time at the pool and felt pretty lucky to have the entire pool to themselves-7 kids (Brett came along) and 3 life guards-pretty good ratio.  
  • Once at home, everyone had showers, a little drink and then to bed!  I know they are exhausted after riding their bikes for 5 miles and swimming for a few hours.

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