February 11, 2016

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  • Whitman was the first one in our bed and then Campbell followed by Keaton.  Some mornings everyone still comes in and snuggles with us and other days, no one even thinks about us at all.  Today was Keaton's Valentine party day at school and she was very, very excited about it.  
  • When Robby left with Campbell, Whitman and Keaton this morning, the rest of us went right to work with school.  I worked with Graham (spelling and language), then Anderson (spelling, language, writing) and then Reagan (spelling, language, writing and many math corrections).  We were moving along when Robby came in from dropping off Keaton. 
  • I got Campbell settled down to work and Whitman found his kindle and then I was out the door for Keaton's Valentine party.  I tell you, my little Keaton was so adorable today-they were eating cupcakes when I arrived then they decorated a few heart pictures and finally games.  After all of the activities, Ms. Jennifer let the kids look at all of their Valentines.  My Keaton happily looked at everything and then she carefully and meticulously placed every Valentine back in her bag-we were the last ones in the room!
  • Back at home, the others had finished up school-when we came in, Keaton showed off her Valentine's cards.  Then I started to work on checking a few leftover school papers before starting on lunch.  I read a bit during lunch and then the kids did some of their chores (or I should say: re-did some of their chores that they had "completed" while I was away.)
  • Robby had to go to work for a bit so the rest of us settled in for a it of school together work before the kids started their afternoon.  I snuggled with Whitman on the couch for a bit and one of us napped!  It wasn't too long after that when Robby came back in and asked where everyone was-I had absolutely no idea!  The girls were all upstairs crafting and the boys (including Whitman) were all playing the xbox.  
  • I worked some on our year-old mirror project and spend some time on the treadmill before it was finally supper time.  We all ate and then started the movie Parent Trap-the kids all sat watching it but poor Whitman was terrified during one silly scene and ended up sitting in my lap until he was asleep.  KEaton was right next to us and soon fell asleep as well.  If we had watched the last half of the movie, I am pretty sure that Campbell would also have fallen asleep.

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