February 6, 2016

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  • Last Sunday was national backwards day and today was national ice cream for breakfast day (yesterday was national nutella day if you are wondering and this Tuesday is national pancake day if you want to play ahead) so we combined two celebrations into one this morning.  The boys had their clothes turned around backwards before we were out of bed.
  • We were not too far behind them and Robby and I were both pleased that we could put on and actually button our jeans when they were on backwards.  And I did think I looked a bit slimmer with my jacket and jeans on backwards.  Reagan and Campbell were a bit concerned that we were going to stay on our backwards clothes for the rest of the day.
  • Breakfast consisted of ice cream and chocolate syrup. The kids sat backwards on their stools at first and some even tried to eat with their spoon backwards.  We were going to make pizza but were out so we offered sandwiches to complete their well rounded breakfast but had no takers.  They did happily accept a cup of coke with their ice cream this morning.
  • Robby, the boys and Keaton left before we did this morning and headed to Home Deport to make a Valentine's day box.  Cash and Grannymom met them there and everyone had a really good time making their boxes but had the most fun painting their boxes.  And this was a win-win because now I only have to help 3 kiddos make a Valentine box-and I thought that by homeschooling we wouldn't have to do things like that!
  • Campbell, Reagan and I left soon after the boys and headed to Woven.  This year it was in different homes and we chose cooking.  It was lots of fun-out group had 2 other girls Reagan's age and one other family with a daughter older than Reagan and one Campbell's age.  The first thing we did was to make a sausage crescent roll mix, then we made a cream cheese pastry and then tried our hand at crapes.  The favorite of all of our creations was the sausage crescent rolls but the most fun to make was the cream cheese pastries.  Reagan was pretty pleased with everything she had made and was very excited to take some samples to Nonna.
  • At Nonna's house, we gave some of our food to Pops and Nonna.  Then Campbell and I headed home and left Reagan at Nonna's house for the night.  Reagan had packed her bag and was ready to stay over night.  I haven't gotten a report about what all they did tonight but I am sure that they had a good time.
  • The big boys stayed at Grannymom's house and went to Lilly and Cash's basketball games before heading home.  They even were able to participate in a kick off game-trying to kick their shoe off to land on a table (Anderson said he was close but didn't make it to the table).  
  • Back at home, the rest of us napped-well, Robby and I napped and the others just watched their movies.  We did eventually get up and work on my mirror for my mantle-we bought the stuff months (if not a year) ago and today we did really good.  Robby only said that it was a pinterest fail one time but I think that it is going to turn out okay.  
  • When Grannymom and Grandpa brought the boys back home, we then loaded up to go and pick up the Wilsons.  The last 2 weeks we have eaten pancakes on Saturday night but tonight we ate at Pie Five.  It was almost as good as I remember-I had thin crust last time which I liked better and this time I had to much bbq sauce.  But the company was good so that made up for my pizza disappointment.
  • Robby and Tony ran into Kroger to pick up ice cream and then we crashed at their house to watch the basketball game.  The boys watched the game and Shannon and I looked at cookbooks and planned a few things to do-crafting day, cooking day, Bible study, scrapbook/breadmaking day, and the list goes on.
  • Once the game was over, we quickly showered the stinky kids (all of them) and shoved them in bed.  They had a busy day and were pretty tired tonight!

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