February 7, 2016

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  • The girls were in our room first this morning and after Robby and I had both had showers, I asked him if he thought the boys were already awake.  I was sure they were just in the living room playing their kindles but nope, they were sound asleep.  
  • My Keaton had herself a royal fit this morning because I picked out her clothes, because I wouldn't change her clothes to what she wanted, because I wouldn't let her wear the shoes she wanted, because I had her wear her new favorite boots and because I made monkey bread for breakfast. This fit throwing continued and at church she was upset with me because I wouldn't let her wear her jacket in.  This is pretty much Keaton's norm now-everything that happens is not her way and worthy of a fit in her eyes.  But when I dropped her off in her Sunday school class, her teacher said, "Keaton is such a delight to have in our class.  She is genuinely happy all of the time."  At least she is a happy girl for other people!
  • Reagan had spent the night at Nonna's house and they had to get to church early this morning.  She hung out with them and even had a muffin at the coffee shop before we arrived at church.  Church lasted pretty long today so we were hungry when we finally made it to Grannymom's house.
  • Lunch was bbq and delicious lava cake.  The kids couldn't wait to get outside and start playing after lunch.  We all left Grannymom's house at the same time and all headed to the grocery store.  Robby and Dana both picked up a few Super Bowl supplies at the store and then we headed home.
  • I was on the couch upstairs and Campbell laid down beside me and Keaton laid down on top of me and we all had a wonderful nap. I woke up right before the game started and ran outside to spray paint my mirror project.
  • Then it was back inside for the big game-Robby had a score chart so we had a winner each quarter.  The prizes-huge gatorades!  Campbell won the first quarter, then Anderson and Whitman and the 4th quarter was won again by Campbell.  Everyone else drowned their sorrows with pizza, ding dongs and even kit kats!  The kids watched most of the game-Campbell and I made some cinnamon roll dough, Whitman watched his favorite movie over and over during the game, Reagan just kept her head down looking at her kindle while asking what was happening on the game, Keaton followed me around and the boys yelled, hooted, hollered, jumped, bounced and rolled during the entire game.  
  • And once the game was over, it was quickly bedtime at our house-the kind of Super Bowl party was pretty nice since there was very little clean up and we all wore our pajamas!

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