February 5, 2016

"I see you!"

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  • This morning the girls were all the first ones downstairs and in our room.  While they were settling into our bed, we heard Whitman crawling out of his.  I got him and brought him to our room.  A bit later, I went upstairs to open the blinds and turn off the lights (you would not believe our electric bill lately!) and went to say good morning to the boys.  They were awake and had moved much of their furniture and were playing "ninja warrior."  I did the wisest thing I knew-told them to not get hurt and went quickly downstairs.
  • Breakfast today was monkey bread muffins.  Imagine my difficulty trying to explain to Campbell that the monkey bread did not have monkeys in it and was not blueberry muffins mixed with monkey bread.  We usually only have monkey bread at Christmas so telling the kids about the upcoming breakfast, they went right to work on their school work.
  • The morning went fairly smoothly and we were finished with school (most of us, anyway) at a decent time.  We worked together a bit at 11 and then I had about 10 minutes to get things ready for Monday before I started on lunch.  Every year I say that I want to plan ahead lunches so they would ready for us to eat on crazy school days but I have yet to do that.
  • The boys were in and out some this afternoon and the little girls did their best to follow me around.  I did sneak off upstairs to the treadmill while they were busy eating snack so they didn't notice that I was missing for a little bit.  At nearly 5, Whitman ran to me and gave me a hug.  I picked him up and we cuddled until he was sound asleep.  We snuggled until it was time to get some folks into the shower and supper on the table.  (I did read a chart listing the times per week that kids should bathe but seriously, after my boys have been outside they stink so even if the chart says 3xs a week for them, they still had a shower!)
  • Supper was nachos, beans and then popcorn and pie crusts twists during tonight's movie.  Tonight we watched Sister Act-hopefully the kids didn't pick up too many new words from that PG movie.  Whenever Keaton would talk about Whoopi's character, she would call her a "princess"

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