February 18, 2016

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  • Tara may have to fill in the blanks later but she's out Bunko-ing (or eating out!)
  • A little bit of a different Thursday around here. I was actually headed into the office on a Thursday so I loaded up Keaton and Whitman. First stop was to drop Whitman off with Nonna where he was going to play while Keaton was at school. Dropped her off with Ms. Jennifer (it was bring your favorite stuffed animal day) and off to work I went.
  • Meanwhile, the big kids started on their abbreviated day of school and chores because today was Homeschool Thursday with friends.  The kids had been waiting for this day awhile because it was also the day for a late celebration of Valentine's Day.
  • Everyone started arriving and playing for a bit but, unfortunately, it started with an accident. One of Keaton's friends, Charlotte, was playing in the girls' room when she fell and hit the bed post. She ended up getting a cut right above her eye and after a few calls, it was determined they needed to head to doctor. (We later learned she got 4 stitches!)  Her sisters stayed behind though and we soon started on this month's oral reports. All of the kids had researched and studied about an American President and gave brief reports.  Keaton had Taft, Campbell had McKinley, Anderson had Truman, Reagan had Reagan and Graham had Obama.  It was reported everyone did a great job.  
  • Next up was the passing out of Valentine's - most of ours had decorated their boxes with the help of Reagan but the boys' were more interested in just collecting all the goodies!  Whitman was so excited when anyone would pass him a Valentine.
  • With the weather so nice, the rest of the afternoon was spent outside except for Whitman who kept wanting to sneak back into the house to eat more candy.  When he wasn't sneaking in for candy, he was pouring his water on everything.  He ended up staying so long in his time out spot that he fell asleep there.
  • After everyone left, the kids pitched into help pick up the house and then take showers. I made it home soon after most showers completed.  Tara headed out and we started on supper. Just leftovers tonight but everyone seemed to enjoy the leftover potato hashbrown soup. It might have helped the kids saw the 1/2 price cookies I scored at Walmart today.  We saved those for the movie... continuing our true sports movies we watched Million Dollar Arm. (Earlier this week we watched Rudy).  We all enjoyed it but Keaton ended up dozing off near the ends since it was past 9 and she had a big day.

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