February 21, 2016-Happy Birthday Grannymom!

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  • My people spent most of this day fussing over their clothes.  Yesterday, Keaton picked out her Sunday clothes and received a thumbs up from me.  Minutes later she came downstairs with jeans and a tshirt.  I ignored this choice and hoped she would forget about it-she did not.  This morning as the boys were complaining about their Sunday clothes (just jeans and a Sunday shirt), Keaton began to put on her second selection. I told her to change and this sent her into hysterics. 
  • A good breakfast helped calm everyone down.  Robby had made up some leftover sausage or egg biscuits from yesterday's breakfast.  The kids gobbled them down and soon it was time to load up and head to church.
  • Whitman did great holding my hand on the walk into church and only ran from me in the sanctuary one time so I will consider that a win for us all.  Everyone enjoyed their classes and the three little ones all spent some time on the playground this morning.
  • Lunch was at Dana's house to celebrate Grannymom's birthday.  Dana had made mexican lasagna and it was delicious.  The kids ate outside and this helped our meal to be peaceful and quiet.  Grannymom opened up her presents and the kids then spent the rest of our time there outside playing.
  • The rest of the afternoon was spent at home.  Everyone watched a few movies and then it was time to get ready again-more clothes drama.  This time Reagan wanted to change clothes so Robby said that she could if she folded the laundry basket of laundry.  The boys both grumbled about wearing jeans and Keaton, gracious me, she went nuts because I wouldn't let her wear a green sweater.  
  • The Watoto choir was at church tonight and all the kiddos, even Whitman, greatly enjoyed the songs and the dancing of the kids.  Campbell said that she wished that she had their "moves."  Whitman made it through most of the service and then he, Keaton and I walked the halls for a bit.  
  • Once we made it home, the kids had ice cream and then it was bedtime.  I think that they were pretty tired since we heard nothing from them once we came downstairs.

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