February 20, 2016

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  • We all slept for a while this morning and Robby and I would have stayed in bed longer if it wasn't for the kids coming in asking about breakfast and making their breakfast suggestions.  Robby tried to convince them to choose grilled cheese sandwiches so we could just call it brunch but he had no takers.  So he made sausage and egg biscuits along with cantaloupe.  
  • After breakfast the kids finished their leftover school from Friday.  It didn't take too long and when they were all done, it was time to get ready to leave for our shopping adventures.
  • We didn't really need anything much but did need to get out of the house for a bit so the first stop was Kmart.  Yes, Kmart.  They were passing out free cotton candy so we do love free!  And we even managed to find a couple of pairs of shoes for some folks.  
  • Then it was on to Toys R Us for more free-a free little lego thing.  The kids had to pick their pieces from boxes and then we brought home our instructions and the kids went to work.  Well, everyone but my non-lego kid-Graham.  He kept saying that he would put his together but never did today.  I wish that he would like legos just a little bit.
  • The afternoon was spent doing nothing at all around here.  We were not productive at all and it was wonderful.  So the lazy afternoon quickly flew by and soon it was supper time.  Robby started on our Saturday night pancakes.
  • He just keeps getting better at his pancakes and it was one of the kids favorite meals.  Whitman shoved them in his mouth as fast as he could.  After supper the boys watched the basketball game and everyone rotated in and out of the showers.
  • Reagan really didn't care much about the ball game so she started on her school work for Monday.  She ended up finishing some of Mondays work and even a bit of Tuesdays.  She was pretty proud of herself for working on her school work and I thought this was great because since I even worked with her, my Monday will be lighter as well.
  • Everyone had a cookie for a snack and at the close of the ball game, it was bedtime for everyone.  It wa a slow day but a wonderful one.

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