February 14, 2016

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  • Before I was out of bed this morning, my Valentine was getting ready and leaving.  Around that time, Keaton, Campbell and Graham burst into my room shouting, "Happy Valentine's Day."  Not exactly the wake up call I would like to have but it worked and I was soon out of bed dressing everyone and in the shower.
  • Robby had not only picked up Reagan and Anderson from Grannymom but had also picked up a Sonic drink and doughnuts for breakfast.  Shipleys-which means the best doughnuts ever which are the chocolate filled ones!  Too bad there isn't any left for my snack tonight.
  • The kids also had a bag full of candy for their Valentine treats.  I do think that we outdid ourselves in the candy department this year.  I certainly expect the dentist bill to go up at our house!
  • We headed to church this morning with a bag of candy to pass out to my Sunday school class and though we had 12 last week, only 4 were there today which meant candy to pass out to our own kiddos. That combined with the candy they had received from their own Sunday school teachers and cupcakes that were give as snacks, they were pretty wired!
  • And then when we arrived at Nonna's house, there was more candy-candy flowers on the table, chocolate covered strawberries and even a bag of candy!  It was a wonder that none of my usual Sunday nappers did not go to sleep today....
  • Well, one of my nappers did go to sleep.  Whitman did take a nap-mainly because I laid on top of him until he finally fell asleep.  That squirmy wormy still ended up falling asleep on top of me and for a few minutes I didn't think that I was going to be able to get up with him laying on top of me.  But I did and then laid him back in bed and napped myself for about 20 minutes!
  • We quickly woke up and fed everyone a quick supper before heading to church.  After church, we came back home for ice cream truck and to bed! 

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