February 12, 2016

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  • My kids were pretty surprised this morning when I told them that they had about an hour and a half to do as much as their school as they could.  Of course they immediately started to ask where we were going and what we were doing but I knew answering any of those questions would lead to many, many more questions.  
  • The kids finished their breakfast and quickly started on their school.  I straightened the kitchen and left Whitman in his high chair eating.  With him happily eating, I grabbed Graham and started working with him.  It didn't take too long to finish with G and move on to Anderson and then Reagan.  It helped some that we didn't have spelling to do today but I still didn't get around to working with Campbell (that is what Saturday is for I guess!)
  • We stopped school at 9:30 to get ourselves ready and to straighten the house for just a bit.  I was supposed to leave about 10 minutes earlier than I had planned so this change of schedule through me and I ended up leaving about 10 minutes late!  It was fine though and we picked up half of the Wilsons and then picked up the other half before heading downtown.
  • Robby had scoped me out a parking spot but then we opted to park at his work so I dropped everyone off and parked.  We had lunch at Gus and man, my kiddos really like their chicken.  Late this afternoon, Campbell told me how good that chicken was today.  
  • And then the big event-earlier in the day the kids were trying to guess where we were going.  They started to get really excited so I said "it is not like Playtime Pizza or Altitude exciting."  My Reagan then asked "is it like church exciting?"  She was politely trying to ask "is this something that you will think is exciting but we will not-like church?"  I assured her that it was more exciting than church.
  • We went to the RV show and it was lots of fun.  We climbed in and out of a zillion RVs and my kids touched everything there! We saw big RVS and little RVs and medium sized RVS.  Everyone stayed together and my Whitman happily rode in his stroller-as long as I would let him out every few RVS and let him climb in one!
  • Afterwards, we headed home and I let the kids convince me to stop at Sonic on the way home.  This made them happy but it also made me happy-when they are happy and they were all quiet when we came home (they were busy sucking up their slushes)  I was able to lay down between Keaton, Campbell and Whitman for a few minutes.  It didn't last too long though because soon I was in the attic looking for canning jars.
  • Near supper time, I whipped up some quesadillas and fed the chillins and then we dropped them off at church.  Tonight Campbell was with the big kids so she was a bit unsure walking down the hall but she certainly enjoyed herself.  
  • We met the Wilsons and went to Brunos to eat.  The wait was pretty long even though we had plenty of time.  Our food came out first so the Wilsons watched us eat and then much later their food came out and we watched them eat.  Then we hurried back to our car and made it to church with a few minutes to spare and surprisingly we were not the last ones to pick up our kids.  
  • We came home with some pretty tired kids and put them all to bed and urged them to sleep past 7 in the morning-my bet is that we will be up by 6!

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