February 2, 2016

Shooting Hoops!

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  • At 4 this morning, Graham was standing beside my bed and was saying something.  The first thing I thought that he said was that he was sick but that wasn't it.  I asked again and I heard him say "Whitman is in our room."  I flew up the stairs because I certainly didn't want for him to wake up everyone sleeping upstairs.
  • And there in the middle of the boys' room sat Whitman in the floor.  He wasn't playing with his trains right next to him, he was just sitting Indian style with the light on.  It was almost like he had gotten up there and then thought that he was tired or maybe realized that he shouldn't be up there.
  • I snatched him up and brought him downstairs.  I changed his clothes and held him for a good while so maybe he would go on back to sleep.  Before I could even turn my back and get back to my room, his door opened and there he was.  Robby was soon out of room to make sure that Whitman understood that he was in big trouble if he got up again.  
  • Whitman didn't wake up again and there is little possibility that he will be opening up his door tonight since the doorknob is off.  I don't like him out of his bed in the middle of the night but I sure do not want for him to be out of his bed and wandering around the house in the middle of the night.  Even though Whitman can open the doors to the house, there is no way that he would step foot outside the house in the middle of the night (scared to death of the dark) so that is one less thing for me to worry about.  But the lack of a doorknob should do the trick!
  • When I did make it back to bed last night, Graham was still in my spot.  I laid by him some and then asked if he wanted to go back to his bed and he agreed.  I happily hugged him goodnight and let him go on to his bed so we both could get a good nights sleep.  
  • Needless to say after all of this, we weren't up too early this morning and had to hurry around to get Keaton off to school and Robby to work. Then we all started on school.  During my work with Graham, he was in a bit of a mood and at one point decided that he couldn't do something.  This was something that he does weekly for me and is not hard at all-use 5 different words in a sentence or sentences.  I had had enough and told him to just write them out and put them on his daddy's desk.  Later in the day, I found 5 perfectly written sentences in the neatest handwriting that I had ever seen.  Maybe I should try that again!
  • We were able to do lots of our science right before lunch today and that made me happy happy.  Our science book seems to be taking forever but I plan to finish it all before school is out for the summer or at least before school starts again.  We read a bit as well and then I quickly made lunch while Anderson finished up his school and Reagan helped Campbell focus and work on her school.  Bless Campbell-some days she can knock out her school work and other days she finishes everything in the few minutes before lunch.
  • After lunch, we worked on our chores and then I tried my best to get Whitman to take an afternoon nap which turned out to be impossible.  The kids played outside off and on all afternoon long and the boys spent a long time playing basketball.
  • I had been stirring hashbrown casserole soup for supper tonight and it did not disappoint.  The kids ate as much as we would let them (except Whitman who wouldn't touch it).  It was very good and we will definitely make it again-I guess there is enough for supper tomorrow.
  • Graham had a new picture book with pictures of only him in it arrive today so we spent some time looking at it tonight.  Then showers and finally the kids all watched an American Ninja Warrior episode before bedtime.

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