February 19, 2016

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  • I tried to wake up early this morning but I didn't and surprisingly no one else stirred until after 7:25.  This should have been an early morning because we only had about an hour to work on our school before leaving the house this morning.  It wasn't and that was really fine with me.
  • We had a short breakfast and then the kids did start work on school.  An hour of school work flies by very quickly.  No one was near finished when it was time to put on their clothes.  But we did lay out their school work in the kitchen so maybe we will do some of it tomorrow (we were just too tired this afternoon to do much more than rest)
  • The kids were given Alititude gift cards for Christmas so today was the day we used them...and today was also the day that the rest of Little Rock was there as well.  It was pretty crowded for the first hour but then it did calm down some.  After paying, I quickly encouraged the kids to go play quickly before the field trip kids were released from their classes.  
  • My babies loved jumping.  Anderson's favorite was probably dunking the basketball or possibly dodgeball.  Now Graham and Campbell stayed on the dodge ball court the entire time-seriously, I have no idea what Campbell was doing playing dodge ball but she kept ending up back there.  Reagan would bounce back and forth between dodge ball and playing with Keaton and Whitman.  Keaton was just happy to jump where ever she was.  And Whitman, my, oh my.  He would be here, then he would be there, then he would run away from me-I saw one lady with a kid on a leash.  She just stood on the side as the kid jumped and jumped with the leash going up and down-I thought about asking to borrow it for a while! 
  • Whitman did have a blast but not enough fun to fall asleep on the way home.  Everyone was awake when we came home and we celebrated our fun morning with a little can of coke and Valentine candy.  The kids had showers and then Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a bit.
  • Grandpa helped fix an outlet and the kids even had a chance to say their president reports.  Then the kids had a restful afternoon.  Campbell fell asleep in my bed and I closed (and locked) the door to the school room so I could get a few things accomplished in there-and be quiet for a bit.  So Keaton laid outside the school room door as I worked-she loves her momma!
  • Supper tonight was at the Pennington's house.  They had some great BBQ, which is one of my favorite meals. The kids played and ended up watching a movie tonight.  Their movie helped the grownups to be able to visit for awhile which was really nice.  
  • Once we made it home, the kids were exhausted so that made bedtime very, very easy!

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