February 17, 2016

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  • The kids woke up early but no one was too anxious to start getting ready for Bible study.  Reagan was to busy opening up the penguin thing she bought at the store the other night.  I finally was able to convince everyone to put on their clothes.
  • We had our breakfast and the kids helped empty the trash cans and put away laundry.  Then it was time to head to Bible study.  I guess since we are in the car so much on Wednesdays, it is always the day that we count the most Slug Bugs.  Today's count was 12 to 3.  Nothing else causes my people to start screaming more than seeing a slug bug.  I would love to drive them by a VW dealership...but I would need my ear plugs!
  • After dropping the little girls off at Bible study today, I walked back by Whitman's room on the way to my class.  I heard the teacher ask "do you have any brothers?" and he said "I do."  Then they asked if he had any sisters and he said "I do."  He then went on to try to tell the names of his sisters.  I peeked my head in and quickly explained that he indeed have a few brothers and sisters.
  • Bible study seemed to fly by.  Everyone was in a good mood when I picked them up and we headed to the park to play.  The kids were so excited about lunch outside today.  They played and played together before it was time to leave.
  • Beebee was in a good mood today-Whitman even said, "Beebee was very happy." She was happily doling out the candy and they were happily eating it up.  I had forgotten but meant to have the kids bring their president reports to her so they could read them and practice a bit before tomorrow's homeschool day.
  • Once we were home, we worked on our leftover school work from Monday.  Then we had a few minutes of downtime before a quick supper and back to church.  When we came home, Robby had a snack on the table for the kids so everyone went to bed with a full tummy!

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