February 29, 2016

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  • Instead of waking up on time last night, we slept in as long as we could and it was wonderful-yes, it did make my treadmill time a bit more hectic this afternoon but I think it was well worth it.  The kids were slow to wake up too but we all had breakfast together while we did all of our together work.  
  • Then the girls had showers while everyone else started on school work.  Soon Nonna and Pops arrived to take Reagan and Keaton (Campbell's shopping day is tomorrow) shopping for a spring outfit.  They were gone most of the day but came home with some candy, chick fil a drinks and a cute outfit apiece.  
  • The rest of us spent the morning doing our school work and then having lunch.  Campbell suggested mac and cheese so her and Anderson went to work on that.  After lunch, we did our chores and then played the card game War with the kids.  On my way upstairs to get to the cards, I noticed that Whitman had demolished some legos and that entire lego area was trashed.  So after the game, we all went up there to work on that for a bit.
  • I then started on the treadmill for a bit and then finished after Nonna and Pops dropped off my girls.  I had a few more things to do in the house and then I went to the garage to see if our soccer shoes still fit everyone-5 players this year and we only have to buy one pair of shoes so that is a win for me!  
  • Then I kicked everyone out of the house (even Whitman who was not happy about leaving his kindle).  I raked half of a section of the yard by the mailbox and the kids hauled tarps of leaves.  Then we played a soccer game until Robby came home.  He helped remove a large branch from the middle of our field and then we all played until Reagan and Anderson's team made it to the score of 5.
  • When we came in, the kids had showers while Robby started on supper.  Things were looking pretty perfect when Keaton got sick...and if you have a weak stomach skip a few lines.  But that child threw up more than I have ever, ever seen anyone throw up.  Oh my goodness, thankfully I had a towel in my hand but had to call for reinforcements because it just kept coming and coming.  
  • I reshowered her, laid her down and then she started asking for food and drink and continued to ask for more food and drink all evening long.  I would give her a sip of gatorade or a sip of coke occasionally and finally relented and gave her a few crackers.  She watched a movie laying down and then came in and sat in my lap and talked and danced until bedtime.  She will skip school tomorrow but as of this moment that girls feels perfectly fine and skipped around the house with excitement when she found out that she was going to get to sleep on our bedroom. 
  • The others played the xbox and watched a movie or two until bedtime.  It was a pretty restful evening and hopefully our night (especially Keaton's) is calm and also restful.

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