February 16, 2016

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  • Last night as I was laying in bed, I remembered that I had neglected to blog about the most entertaining part of the day yesterday.  When we were at the grocery store, much of our time was indeed spent on the toy aisle.  There were a few bathroom breaks but the toy aisles were full of clearance items so Robby spent some time checking to see if any were worth buying and reselling (we will let you know how that works out for us!)
  • While on the toy aisle, my boys were introduced to whoopee cushions.  I am sure that everyone in the store heard them cackling.  I would lift Whitman up for them and they would put the cushion under Whitman and then I would put him back down on it-every single time we did this all of my people would laugh and laugh.  This happened at least 900 times-I am surprised that we didn't get kicked out of the grocery store.
  • Since we had carried on in the toy section so long the kids quickly became tired while doing the real shopping.  Graham tried his best to convince us to go to the check out lane.  He came up to me and said, "Mom, I saw something new at the front of the store.  Let's go try it out-it's called the checkout lane." 
  • When we finally walked to the checkout lane, Reagan and Campbell had their arms around each other and were both limping as they slowly made their way to the check out.  Some days the kids can make you crazy but other days it is like I am living in a circus!
  • Speaking of crazy, I will jump ahead to lunch in today's blog (in case you feel slighted from missing a blow by blow of the day, here are the cliff notes: wake up, breakfast, Keaton to school, school here and then lunch).  I thought we would finish off the leftover spaghetti for lunch today.  And before I could even pass out all of the bowls, Whitman had thrown his on the floor.  Seconds later, I looked down by Graham and he had already dropped more spaghetti than I had given him.  I started reading and then Anderson and Whitman were playing with a hat and down goes Whitman's spaghetti again.  And when Campbell jumped up to help, she spilled her spaghetti on the floor.  Right then I could have gotten in the car and driven far, far away but instead I dished up more spaghetti (the floor was to filthy to eat off of) and sat down to eat my spaghetti (and I was able to eat all of my meal without spilling any on the floor)
  • After lunch, the kids worked on their chores and I spent my time sweeping and steam mopping the kitchen floor.  I made sure that the kitchen floor was going to be clean enough to eat off of so I will be ready next time all of lunch ends up on the floor.
  • Graham finished his Valentines, Campbell painted a plane, birdhouse and on some paper, Reagan painted, Whitman painted and then I asked the boys if they wanted to make a Valentine box for Thursday's party.  And they said they the did not-I did a happy dance right there in the living room!
  • That just left, Reagan's chocolate covered pretzels to make this afternoon-just about 250 of them.  Now my child, who is probably just like me, became crazy stressed about us having the right amount of pretzels for each bag. After I assured her that we had plenty, she then divided the pretzels up into how they had been dipped in the chocolate-half way dipped with pink sprinkles, covered with pink sprinkles, half way dipped with red sprinkled, covered with red sprinkles-and on and on her list went.  She then scribbled all of the the front and back of a piece of paper trying to figure out how everyone could get the exact same type of pretzels.  
  • All of this was made more difficult with Campbell and Anderson trying to sneak in and eat her pretzels-she was about to have a stroke right there in the kitchen.  You wouldn't believe the veins popping out on the side of her head.  She was probably acting the same was I was when the 5th bowl of spaghetti fell on the floor during lunch.
  • She finally divided out her pretzels. I told her that I would have just put them all in a bowl and reached in for a handful to fill her bags and she just looked at me in horror!  Crazy, crazy child!  Soon Robby was home with Keaton and everyone quickly had showers before it was supper.
  • We had potato soup for supper and then all sat down to watch a movie before bedtime and then it was time for lights out.  But first, our Bible story time-Whitman and Keaton are having a contest to see who can move around the most during Bible story.  Right now Whitman is in the lead but Keaton is close behind him.  Aren't these people ever tired?  Don't they ever want to be still?

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