February 3, 2016

Riding Pretty!

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  • Keaton was coughing last night so she slept in our room that child never coughed once after she went to sleep.  Hopefully tonight will be the same because Reagan has already brought her downstairs to us tonight and she is now sleeping in our bedroom.  I had told Reagan to call me or come and get me if Keaton coughed too much and maybe Keaton was upstairs coughing (though I couldn't hear her) or maybe Reagan was just ready to get rid of her for the evening.
  • I guess it was when my alarm went off this morning or possibly it was in the middle night that I turned off my alarm.  That isn't such a bad thing except on Bible study morning.  Thankfully the kids were up early but not just were they up early, they were up and loud!  Robby and I can quickly become in a foul mood when multiple people are laying on top of you practically shouting each time they say anything at all.
  • But we survived and soon the dishes were being put away (boys), trash being emptied (everyone), potties being cleaned (me), laundry put away (everyone) and the downstairs straightened (everyone).  I am noticing that the girls were short a chore this morning.  The boys were in a hurry to finish chores so they could start playing their kindles since Wednesday mornings are the only weekday mornings that kindles can be played.  Since they were so eager to finish I did possibly give them a bit more than the girls-but those silly girls take forever combing their hair and then I am the one that has to put it up!
  • Bible study this morning and it was my turn to work keeping the kiddos.  That is always entertaining and it did make the morning drag by! But the afternoon seemed to fly by.  We went to Rock Creek for lunch and the kids were ecstatic to see that they were passing out "free things" outside of the door.  A few kiddos came home with fancy dancy new Rock Creek t shirts.
  • The kids played hard this afternoon-so hard that Whitman was exhausted by the time that we left the church.  Then we headed over to see Beebee.  We had her new birdhouse to hang up outside her room and this certainly brightened her day.  What brightened my fussy Whitman's day was the candy that Beebee was passing out.  But my, Whitman was an exhausted bear today-let's just say that most people in the entire nursing home heard that child today.  On my way home, I drove slow enough for Whitman to fall soundly asleep so he could have a wonderful nap this afternoon.
  • You may ask who else needed a nap? Campbell needed one since she is always fussy and moody after Bible study (she was also always fussy after preschool when I picked her up) And Keaton also needed one since she was a as tired as she could be.  They didn't get a nap nor did I. 
  • Before we knew it, the afternoon was over and it was time for supper.  The kids ate while I read some and then it was time to load back up for church.  We did games tonight and the kids had to walk with a spoonful of goldfish crackers to fill up a cup-such a simple game but all of the kiddos including my girls loved it!
  • Back at home, we had a quick snack and then upstairs for Bible story time.  We have been letting Whitman go up for Bible story time to see that the others are really going to bed.  This is just the second night for us to do that but so far, it seems to be helping-he staye din bed last night at lesat!

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