February 27, 2016

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  • Graham came downstairs last night at midnight saying that he couldn't sleep and then again at almost 2 saying that he was hot.  Gracious, we thought that child was never going to get to sleep but he finally did.  And not surprisingly, he was the first one up this morning.  
  • Campbell told me that she took off her pajama pants last night because they were making sparks in her bed and Reagan told her that could start a fire.  I laughed and laughed because that is something that I would have done growing up.  When I was a kid, I would make sure that I turned my electric blanket off before I fell asleep so as not to start a fire.  Does that mean that Campbell is just like me?  Oh, my!
  • The kids did sleep in a little bit this morning and Robby made cinnamon muffins for breakfast and I tried to pass out some of my apple cake though I didn't have any takers.  And if you notice in the pictures, we did in fact sing Happy Birthday to Whitman and let him blow out a candle-pretty much we will do anything to get him to eat and yes, he is spoiled absolutely rotten.
  • We slowly got around this morning and started getting ready.  At one point, I walked through the living room and grabbed my camera to take a picture of Keaton, Campbell and Reagan huddled around a kindle watching a movie.  They chose to watch the tiny kindle instead of one of the other 7 tvs that we have here in this house.  Children!
  • But speaking of those children-all of the kindle watching by the smallest Dennie is costing us a an arm and a leg extra each month.  Robby and I talked about ideas to slow down his Little Einsteins consumption but then Robby did remind me that our sanity is worth something and yes, I think that I will gladly pay a dollar a day for what is left of my sanity!
  • Today was supposed to be a big day here at the Dennie house-rocket day!  Anderson had received a rocket from Christmas (last Christmas-yes, he has had it over a year and we are just now pulling it out.)  We met Jason at Raymar and got set to shoot off that rocket...and it didn't work.  Robby and Jason worked and worked on it trying to figure out what the problem was.  Once we made it home, Robby did discover that the wire leading to the charge must not be igniting the...whatever it is supposed to ignite.  He used his car charger and was able to cause a spark but was afraid he then would be too close to the rocket if we tried to light it that way so we are now going to try to figure out plan B.  
  • No one was too bummed about the rocket not working.  It was almost like a comedy show-we would try to launch it and everyone would stop what they were doing and stand back.  It wouldn't work so the kids would go back to playing and then we would try again.  This happened at least 6 or 7 times.  We had brought a few balls and the kids enjoyed just running around.  It really is so beautiful over there at Raymar-now I may not say that in just a few Saturdays when I am sitting watching 5 different Dennies play soccer.
  • We ran into Walmart on the way home and ended up buying 2 more Dennies shoes-this seems to be a Saturday occurrence.  We really rock at this "no spend month" stuff (sarcasm-I do believe that we have spent more this no spend month than we did right before Christmas)  I guess that Whitman's shoes didn't really count though since they were just a dollar and I couldn't pass them up.   
  • Once at home, Robby raised the basketball goal and the kids shot some hoops.  I pushed the girls on the swing and made a list of things for us to accomplish outside this summer...the church has postponed their work day (Barnabas project) so maybe all of my faithful blog readers can just come to our house and work instead!  I will have ice cream...if Robby doesn't eat it all tonight!
  • For supper we had lasagna and then loaded up for Krispy Kreme.  The boys ate fast because they knew the ballgame was on tv and soon we were back home showing everyone in super speed mode so the boys could watch the ball game.  Whitman had fallen asleep in the car so he missed his shower and ballgame watching.  Now Reagan remembered that she did her school work last Saturday during the ballgame so this Saturday she tried to finish again.  Reagan did comment that she hoped she wasn't sick this Monday and could enjoy her day of already finished school. She was pretty close to finishing but didn't quite make it when it was bedtime. 

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