February 4, 2016

Puzzle Completed!

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  • Keaton had a pretty good coughing spell around midnight last night and after using Anderson's breather, a few sips of water, some essentials oils (hey, my rule for middle of the night is to try anything that might possibly work-if I had some plexus on hand, I would have given her that too since it seems to work wonders for everything else on facebook) and a trip to the bathroom seemed to help with her coughing and she didn't wake up again until this morning when Anderson (or Graham) almost stepped on her when they were coming into our bedroom.
  • We had to scurry (again) to get Keaton to school on time but on Thursdays I am not only concerned with getting Keaton into Robby's car to head to school but I also have to make sure that Whitman is dressed and ready for the ride.  That gives us about 1 hour of Whitman-free school and gracious me can we ever get a lot accomplished in that hour.  Today was also Graham's turn to go and he happily went since he knew there would probably be a Sonic stop on the way home.
  • Now at home, my people worked quickly and quietly while the others were gone.  Reagan even finished school around 9:45-I know that sounds like she didn't do a lot and she has taken a liking to telling people how early she can finish school these days.  Here is a run down of what she did accomplish this morning: 2 pages of math (beginning finding common denominators of fractions), math on the computer, reviewing Bible verses from Wednesday nights, reviewing multiplication tables (8s only), First Language Lessons (with me), Writing with Ease (with me), spelling (with me), writing a paragraph for IEW, handwriting, Bible study, a Draw Write Now page, reading 20 minutes and at least 2 other things (that I can not remember nor am I going to get up and go look).  So from now on, I guess that I should ask her to just rattle off everything that she did before telling people that she finished school at 9:45.  Now, I will say this in a few weeks her math will get tricky again and her speed will slow down greatly for a few weeks.  
  • Once Graham and Whitman came home, my hard workers stopped working hard and started fooling around.  I was thankful that they at least were all mostly finished with school by noon including all of science and history reading.  
  • Making lunch was crazy-a phone call, at least 35 text (my bunko girls were going nuts about a new podcast), a screaming Whitman and too many helpers-but we finally had lunch on the table and everything calmed down a bit. 
  • At some point during the afternoon, Robby and Whitman were both in our bedroom-Robby on his phone and Whitman watching his kindle.  Whitman was being quiet so when Campbell asked to go and take Whitman his milk, I said to wait a few minutes.  She asked why and I told her that Daddy and Whitman were talking.  A minute later, she asked me what they were talking about and I replied, "Whitman's behavior."  They were not talking at all about anything but Campbell said, "well, he has been bad lately." 
  • About 10 minutes later, I did let her take Whitman his milk and she returned and told me "I gave Whitman his milk and he said 'thank you'"  I could tell that she was so proud and believed that the "talk" that Robby and Whitman had really worked.  Later in the afternoon, I over heard her asking Whitman "Did Daddy teach you a lesson?"
  • Keaton came home with Pops and Nonna around supper time and she was so proud to bringing home 3 different types of rice krispy treats-we all had a sample and then saved the rest for after supper.  Manwich and potatoes were on the menu for tonight followed by showers (seems like we do this all of the time lately!) and then we all sat around watching an American Ninja Warrior before bed.
  • And I will close with this Campbell-ism from today.  We were cooking together tonight and she looked at me and asked, "can I have your house?"  I asked, "like when I am dead?" To which she politely said, "no, when you are just in a nursing home."  Sing along with me...Can you feel the love tonight?

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