February 9, 2016

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  • Again this morning, Whitman was the first Dennie up.  Right out of bed and to the door where he has started to knock.  I put him in bed with us and the poor baby was coughing up a storm.  I gave him Anderson's breather and then he had a long, hot shower with Robby so that combination helped him not cough to much during the day (but he has already started coughing again tonight)
  • Keaton headed to school this morning and the rest of us feasted on Campbell's cinnamon rolls.  We had made it very clear that better behavior was expected today and fortunately, the kids obliged.  
  • The one rather large hiccup that we had was Reagan's math.  She is now adding 3 fractions with different denominators.  Her math man didn't teach them how to do it the way that I know how (find the lowest common denominator) instead he taught two other ways that really, really seem like a lot of work.  There were tears but she did finally figure it out but it still looks like greek to me.  I guess I am going to have to start refreshing my 4th grade knowledge of fractions!
  • Whitman stayed busy again today-this morning playing with Graham and Campbell, setting up the kiddie table and working a puzzle there, helping himself to a few handfuls of cereal and finally watching Einsteins as we did our together work right before lunch.
  • For lunch, I had leftover pizza from Saturday or the Mexican casserole from last night.  They all opted for pizza so I divided the 2 small pieces of pizza into 5 servings and then I started to scoop the Mexican casserole on the plate.  Everyone did their best to convince me that the pizza would be enough-seriously, I do not think that a 2x2 inch piece of pizza could fill up a child but I guess they would rather be hungry than eat leftovers from last night!
  • The afternoon was again too busy-working on my mirror, working on Campbell's Valentine box, finishing Anderson's rocket (it is now ready for launch soon), treadmill time, chores and re-organizing all of the kids drawers (with them so that was a special treat!)
  • When Robby came home, he started on tonight's pancakes-today is National pancake day.  This was his best batch yet and the kids gobbled them up along with the sausage and there were no leftovers to tonight's meal.  
  • Showers for all and then it was time for a few tv shows before bed (Innovation Nation).  By the time bedtime rolled around, my Whitman was a pretty tired dude-I have stopped even trying to put him down for a nap (which I know is a big mistake on my part because I will still want for him to be napping when he is 4 or 5 or really even 10).

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