February 28, 2016

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  • Sunday morning and everyone was happy about splitting the last few doughnuts from last night.  It seemed like we hadn't been awake that long when it was time to head to church.  And yes, there was little clothes drama this Sunday morning.  Keaton did want to wear "panty-toes" so that is what I found for her to wear but they were the wrong color and then her sleeves were too long and her dress too brown but I ignored her until she gave up and put on her dress.
  • Church was uneventful-the preacher man didn't call out Robby for snoozing during the service.  He wasn't really snoozing-he was just closing his eyes selectively which was whenever the preacher man turned his back to walk to the other side of the stage.  I was sitting too far away to poke him and couldn't figure out how I could reach that far without being too obvious.  We might just need ourselves an energy drink before church next Sunday morning.
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house and she had a bit of a Pei Wei recreation.  The kids ate up but they were more interested in the dessert.  Just as dessert was served my Whitman ate a noodle and that along with 2 bites of bread was pretty much his entire meal.  Good thing he filled up on juice and dessert.
  • Once at home, the kids played outside for a bit.  Reagan had a little soccer clinic with Campbell and Keaton.  She had them out doing soccer drills in the windy yard.  They worked outside for a long while but when they were finished, Reagan said that she needed to play with some bigger people so she would improve her skills.
  • Robby fought Whitman for a good hour this afternoon trying to get him to take a nap. Finally we just snuggled with him on our bed until he fell sound asleep-that poor thing fights sleep so much during nap time but he definitely needed a nap and could have slept for a very long time tonight.
  • But we had to wake up and start on our house chores.  We had decided early in the afternoon to skip church tonight so when Tony and Shannon text about pizza tonight we definitely took them up on that.  We finished our chores, Robby made brownies and then we headed over to play.  The kids played upstairs and Reagan watched Layne work on her science fair project.
  • We planned our healthy week and then came home to put these kids in bed so we could have a few minutes of down time before going to bed ourselves.  

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