February 25, 2016

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  • This morning was Reagan's turn to go with Robby and Whitman on their trip to drop Keaton off at school.  Reagan was excited about going but she knew she needed to finish a bit of school work before leaving the house this morning.
  • We were able to have a quick breakfast before everyone left and then I quickly cleaned up the kitchen and started working with the boys and Campbell.  I had just started with Campbell when I heard the ding of the garage door open-of course I love that they were home but those few minutes without my Whitman sure are quiet.  
  • Keaton had a big day at school-a fireman came and talked to her class.  We asked her all about it at supper time tonight and if you are wondering...she reported that yes, the fireman does wear his clothes under his fireman suit.  They are not naked! 
  • After we had finished lunch here, we worked on a few chores and then the kids all went upstairs to work on a major car track in the boys' room.  Reagan was up there too-she had a notebook with her and I guess that she was making a list of some sort about which cars did the best on the massive track.  They have left the track out and I sure hope that no one has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night because the track circles the room multiple times.
  • Nonna and Pops brought Keaton home from school and she had jello for us.  After our spaghetti supper, some folks ate her jello and then it was time to load up and go.  Robby had bought us tickets to the Trojan game.  We first ran to pick up Robby's newly repaired car and dropped it off.
  • Then on to the game we went.  We were able to park fairly close-a little over a quarter of a mile away.  We knew we were going to be a minute or two early but we were very early and were even able to watch some of the womens game.  Whitman was pretty squirmy during pretty much the entire game but did settled down occasionally.
  • After the womens game we walked around downstairs.  Then it was back up to the nose bleed section to watch the game-actually, we had pretty perfect seats for us.  There wasn't anyone in front of Whitman and Robby and we filled the entire row so we didn't have to climb over anyone else.  The highlight of the game was Anderson getting a tshirt from the tshirt cannon. 
  • The Trojans won and my kids were exhausted when we finally went to bed.  And yes, my Anderson was wearing his new tshirt when he went to bed.

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