February 26, 2016

  • Since we stayed up super late last night, we all slept super late this morning.  It was pretty awesome-though in the back of my mind I knew we all needed to get moving and get our last day of school this week started.  It was after 8:30 when breakfast was dished out and everyone found a spot to start working.
  • The kids got right to work and Graham finally caught up from his Monday illness.  Even though he was the only one up in this house at 7:30 this morning and started his school work then, he had no intention of doing any extra today.  I encouraged him to go ahead and finish since he was finished by 9 this morning.
  • I have noticed that my girls rarely sit at their desks which is a good thing because my Keaton really wants a desk.  She has set up a little card table in the school room right now and has filled it up with her own school work.  It will not be too long before I have to kick Reagan out of her desk and give it to her sister.  My boys always, always sit at their desks and will often become pretty upset if I ask them to work anywhere else. 
  • Lunch was leftovers and then it was time for a few chores.  Soon after that the kids started their afternoon-lots of car racing happened upstairs.  The boys played the xbox and the girls made themselves a little restaurant upstairs.  Reagan even let them move her doll house furniture so they would have room to display their food. Whitman and I dined at their restaurant and after eating our plastic food, we were served water and real brownies.
  • Should I be worried that Whitman actually knows the words to his Little Einstein movies?  Last night at the ballgame, he was able to name off instruments like an orchestra conductor (though he wasn't that accurate at labeling them).  And today I have noticed him dancing a few ballet moves.  We might need to find him a new favorite tv show.
  • Robby and I were sitting trying to decide where we should go and eat tonight when the girls came down asking if we could make nachos and watch a movie.  Well, that wasn't exactly what we had planned but it was a much cheaper and easier option.  So nachos it was followed by a movie (McFarland USA).  I made cookies for the crew and an apple cake for me-we are out of ice cream and I knew we would need a little snack tonight after the kids went to bed.

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