February 23, 2016

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  • We all slept splendidly last night.  It was so wonderful to hear that alarm clock go off at 6:30 this morning because that meant we had slept all night long.  After hearing that alarm clock, I just rolled over and refused to get out of bed until way too late.  But I tell you, we can climb out of bed, dress Keaton for school, make breakfast for 6 people and Robby can drop Keaton off at school in around 30 minutes.
  • School was fine today.  Since my Graham and Campbell were ill yesterday, what they did not finish of their school just piled up for today's work.  I tried my hardest to explain to Graham to do all of today's work but do a few things from yesterday.  He did this-but he only picked the easy, easy things to do.  We finally settled on him doing a bit tomorrow to help him catch up.  
  • Now, Campbell who has the attention span of a gnat managed to finish all of her school from yesterday despite all of today's distractions.  My Whitman did pretty well today-I found him a ramp for his cars and enjoyed playing with that...unfortunately, so did Anderson and Graham.  I would occasionally find them playing cars with their brother.  That is kind of a good thing but then again our goal during the mornings is to finish school.
  • We had our lunch and then spent a few minutes picking up this place.  The kids then had a bit of downtime on their kindles.  In the very same room, I hammered in 4 nails into a drawer and my silly boys never noticed or asked what I was doing! The girls did look up long enough to see and then come help me.
  • Right before 2, we loaded up and went to Grannymom's house.  Anderson and Campbell had their yearly check ups.  They passed-though they were slightly reprimanded about not wearing their bicycle helmets and were both told to try more veggies.  Everything was all good so then we went back to pick up the others and to receive a pizza from the delivery man.
  • I wasn't home too long when it was time for me to leave again to meet my Bible study group for dinner out.  We ate at Tazikis and I even made it home before the kids went to bed.  They had eaten their pizzas and even had showers tonight.  Everyone but Reagan had watched the basketball game (she isn't that much into basketball-or maybe she just liked being contrary!)  
  • When I came home, it was bedtime so I helped put everyone in bed and then started on today's blog!

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