February 13, 2016

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  • Those silly kids didn't heed our advice and stay in bed until 8 but we all should have been up a few minutes earlier to make our morning run a bit smoother.  Robby was in charge of breakfast this morning and let Campbell and Keaton make monkey bread. 
  • The kids had half of a movie from the other day to finish so they ate in the living room while they finished their movie.  Robby and I scurried around getting ourselves and everything ready to leave for the day.
  • Our first stop today was at Lowes for another building project.  The kids really seemed to enjoy building-today's project was a Valentine picture frame.  I didn't really follow the directions well so we had to redo a few steps but the kids didn't mind since they just gave them more chances to hammer.  After we built our frames we looked at dryers (we need a new one upstairs), then the kitchens (the kids are big in home improvement shows right now and I am always dreaming) and then we browsed the tractors (Robby is always dreaming about a new tractor.)
  • Then it was to Grannymom's house to drop of Anderson for the night over there.  He was excited to get to watch Cash play ball.  Afterwards, I ran into Sams with the kids while Robby went to Walmart to pick up the kids Valentine goodies.  We just walked around and ate sample after sample-this made Reagan extremely happy since she loves Sams' samples and will try anything that they pass out.
  • On the way home, we picked up a burger and ate.  Graham ate quickly because he was anxious to start watching the Hogs play.  Robby and I worked on Valentines for our Sunday school class and then I started on Whitman's Valentines.
  • Around 2, Louanne came over and began cooking.  I had asked her to show me how to make her spaghetti sauce and she brought enough stuff to stay busy cooking while the sauce cooked for 4+ hours.  We cooked and cooked-spaghetti sauce, meatballs, green beans, noodles, bread, manicotti and home made pop tarts.  My little girls helped and Shannon even came over and helped take notes on everything Louanne did.
  • Some time during the afternoon Robby met Dana and dropped of Reagan so she could spend the night with Lili.  After we had finished everything, we all sat down to eat and the food was delicious.  It was a day filled with cooking and it was a blast!
  • Robby and I cleaned the kitchen and put everything away after all of our company left.  Then we put our tired kiddos to bed.  Graham, Keaton and Campbell were the only ones sleeping upstairs and Graham asked to sleep in the girls room like Anderson has before when Graham was gone.  So we let him and then Campbell asked if they all could sleep in the floor so that is where everyone is but we never heard a peep from anyone!

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