February 24, 2016

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  • Robby and I were both up before the kids this morning and that did help tremendously.  We were able to knock out our Wednesday morning chores fairly quickly-as I write the words "Wednesday morning chores" I am beginning to wonder why I even think that we can clean the bathrooms, do laundry, empty the trash cans and clean the fridge anytime during our busiest day of the week, much less in the morning! Anyway, we did get it done but I might just have to change my master list.
  • Yes, I have a master list that has our usual weekly chores, activities and must do items.  Then each week I add that weeks items to the list and each day, I write down the next days list on my notebook and sometime during the day, I even make another list of what needs to be done on a post it note.  Yep, I have a list making problem but I have embraced it and it works for us.
  • When I dropped Whitman off at Bible study off this morning, his teacher mentioned that he was really talking a lot more and she seemed really proud of him.  Just a few hours later, I picked him up from his class and the little teacher had changed her tune.  She asked if anything was going on at home that could cause his behavior.  She said that he had a difficult day.  This theme continues through out the day with my Whitman.
  • We then went to Rock Creek to play and the kids did fine.  Sometimes they kids were quiet while they were playing but sometimes they were rowdy.  After we played for a while, we headed to see Beebee.  She kids read their president reports to her and she passed out candy. In front of Beebee, I asked Whitman about what he did during his class today and he just bowed his head and looked at the ground-hopefully he understands that he was naughty.  We left Beebee's place when Elvis arrived for his 2:30 performance.
  • Then after spending the morning at Bible study, then to Rock Creek and then to Benton to see Beebee we drove home.  I was so excited on on our way home because Whitman had fallen asleep and I was going to be able to get him into the house and put him in bed and sit down for a few minutes myself.  But when we had just pulled into the drive way, Robby called to ask if we would pick him up after he dropped off his car at the repair shop.  So we ran in to potty and to grab a few drinks for the road and then we headed back to West Little Rock.  After Robby dropped off his car, he rode with us and I tried to move my still sleeping Whitman back into the house but by this time, his nap had been too long and he was wide awake!
  • We had our supper and then headed to church tonight.  I was a worker in Campbell's class tonight and it was neat to see her with her buddies.  Robby was in games so he was able to see Keaton and Campbell as they came through.  And on the other side of the building, the three big kids were marking of this month's verse.
  • But just down the hall, Whitman was in his class.  When Robby picked him up, his teacher said that he got in trouble and Whitman told his teacher that he was going to tell on her.  She was quick to tell him that she was going to tell first and that she did.  When I was changing that boys clothes tonight, I asked him if he went to his class tonight and he put his hands over his face and said "trouble."  I am sure that he meant that he got into trouble but the truth of the matter is that he is trouble!

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