February 15, 2016

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  • The kids spent the early morning hours hiding under their beds with flashlights.  If I hadn't have seen the glow from their flashlights, they could have hidden there all morning long.
  • We had leftover doughnuts, leftover home made poptarts, and few bowls of cereal to start our morning.  Since today was President's day we only did half a day of school.  I probably should have pressed on and finished the entire days worth of school but the kids were about to cause me to have a breakdown so we will have to finish today's school Wednesday after Bible study and Thursday before our friends come over.
  • After school, we started on our chores and picking up the house.  When Whitman and Keaton are both home the house is wrecked after school.  Since Robby was home, he quickly noticed what a mess they made.  The kids and I went to work on our chores and we were finished in time for everyone to have some free time before lunch.
  • They actually had more time before lunch than usual because I became side tracked and lost track of time as I filed their school work away so we didn't eat until almost 1.  The kids weren't too concerned with our late eating time but everyone was stressed about which book I would read to them first. They all love for me to read to them and even asked for me to read at supper (I didn't because I was starving!)
  • The afternoon was spent finishing my mirror for above my mantle (now I just need to finish the rest of the decorations for the mantle).  And a bit of treadmill time before we all loaded up to go to the grocery store.  The kids would rather stay at home for weeks on end than go to any store at all.  I told Robby that we should just stop shopping-shoes, food, gas, everything, to just prove a point to them that shopping is necessary.
  • On our way into Kroger, I reminded the kids that I do things for them all day every day and Kroger is something that I enjoy so they were going to behave.  My speech worked-well, sensitive Anderson is probably the only one that heard and would remember what I had said.  Anyway, they were good-especially since we spent about an hour on the toy aisle!  
  • Then we moved on to actually filling our two shopping carts and heading to a gas station and then to pick up pizza for supper.  When we made it home, it was late for supper so we all scarfed down supper and then the kids had a few minutes to watch a movie before bedtime.

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