May 10, 2016-Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Happy 84th Birthday Grandpa!
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  • I had just finished my blog last night and was watching the weather on the news when all of a sudden Robby's phone was dinging and I was getting a text (Jason) and a phone call (Pops) at the same time.  Before I could answer anything my phone died but I did see the words "tornado warning."  I looked again at the tv but the weatherman didn't seem to worked up but Robby picked up the remote and forwarded the delayed newscast that we were watching and there indeed was a tornado coming.
  • I picked up Robby's phone and called Pops back as the sirens began sounding here.  Robby watched the map for a bit and then decided that we probably should get the kids so up the stairs we went.  It is a hard call waking the kids up for a storm-there have been times when the storms were no where near here and we felt confident in not waking them up but this time it as close enough to be too close.
  • I headed to the boys room and they both woke up quickly as I kept repeating "go downstairs to Daddy's office, go downstairs to Daddy's office" over and over again.  I got them to the steps and went to help Robby with the girls.  I grabbed Campbell's hand and led her to the stairs but then I let go of her hand as I went on down to get Whitman and Robby had to call to her since she continued walking in the boys room.  
  • I snatched sleeping Whitman out of bed and Reagan was walking down that hallway so I had to redirect her.  Then the boys were sitting by the tv watching the radar.  Seriously, we weren't that quick at getting everyone in our hidey hole-they were all too busy wandering around the house.  Once we were all settled in Robby's office, the kids all just sat there.  No one was ever panicked or fussy about having to be woken up.  
  • When the lights flickered and went out, no one really said anything.  Robby quickly switched on his phone but there were some lights flickering on all of the electronics in his office so there was no need for anyone to worry.  We waited out the storm which didn't seem to long at all-we didn't even have to break out a book or any of the food on the shelves above our heads.  
  • The tornado warning was over but it was still storming outside but we still put the kids back into bed.  Everyone had flashlights in their hands and all laid back down in the dark house.  Graham was really the only one who was a bit scared-he called me up there a few times and even came downstairs once but I would talk to him and calm him down some.  When Robby and I had finally turned off all of the lights that we thought were on, found flashlights and he figured out how to charge all of our stuff without power.  
  • It was after 1 when we finally were quiet enough to hear the girls upstairs.  They were still going strong.  I waited a long time until going up there and when I did, I found Keaton sound asleep and Reagan crawling around in the floor rearranging her and Campbell's dolls.  I am not sure when (or if) they ever went to sleep but I was soon asleep after that dreading the lights still being off when we woke up.
  • Thankfully the lights came back on at 5 and everyone was awake by 7 despite their lack of sleep (and mine).  It didn't take long for Keaton to get dressed and soon Robby and her were out the door for school.  Back at home, we had our breakfast and started on school.  We didn't have too much time for school work since it was a special day at Keaton's school.
  • Before lunch, we stopped by the library and then on to Keaton's school.  Robby met us there and all of the school families had lunch together-chicken, mac and cheese, green beans, rolls and strawberries.  The kids really enjoyed the cupcakes for dessert and even had 3.  But the highlight of their lunch was getting to play in the new indoor playground at the church house. 
  • After plenty of playtime, we headed to Grannymom's house.  Whitman and I dropped everyone off and then we headed to Walmart and finally to his 3 year old check up with Dr. Martin.  He did very well during his checkup and even shed a tear over NOT getting a shot.  When she asked what his favorite vegetable was, he answered "cupcakes."
  • Once we made it home from the doctor's appointment, Whitman was sound asleep and everyone else went outside to play.  That is where they stayed for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  When Robby came home, he made breakfast burritos and the kids held and ate them as they ran playing chase with the neighbor kids.  This quick meal held the kids hunger until we celebrated Grandpa's birthday with a cookie cake.  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to help Robby with a lawnmower.  Grandpa is 84 today so we did what we could to find 84 candles.  The kids sang and then we all ate cookie before they headed home.  Robby soon headed to church and even though he was gone for over an hour, the kids would occasionally ask "where's Daddy?" and then when he returned Reagan even said "where has he been?"  They are not the most observant kids around.
  • After showers, kindle time and some reading time it was time for bed for my crew.  Hopefully we can all stay in bed all night long tonight!

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