May 12, 2016

Not sure this qualifies as a smile?!?
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  • If Keaton did not have to go to school this morning. we might all still be laying in our beds. Though Robby had been up a few times already in the middle of the night because his poison ivy was bothering him.  I actually didn't know that Robby had been up during the night until later in the day.  I had questioned the kids repeatedly and was about to demand an answer to who left the hair dryer upstairs in the bonus room when I asked Robby if he knew who used it.  He reminded me that it was to ease his poison ivy itch.  
  • That is the second time in just a few days that I have blamed the kids for something their Daddy has done.  The other day I even questioned the neighbor kid about who moved a big block outside.  Finally, Keaton looked up at me and said "Daddy and Grandpa did when fixing the lawnmower."  For every one thing that Robby leaves out, the kids leave out a zillion other things.  Some day it is almost comical the amount of things left out in every room of the house-and today was one of those days.
  • Back to this morning though-this was Graham's day to go with Robby to take Keaton to school. They ended up at the doughnut place (and brought us back some doughnut holes this time-I have yet to get my chocolate filled doughnut on a Thursday morning though).  While they were gone, Anderson relished the morning not having to do any school work and played his kindle most of the morning.  Kennedy, Reagan and Campbell finally came downstairs for breakfast but then spent most of the morning playing upstairs.
  • I stayed busy working on school for the fall and before I knew it, it was time to pick up Keaton.  Kennedy, Reagan and Campbell were playing in the yard and quickly jumped in the car when I offered to let them come with me to pick up Keaton and she was pretty happy to see them since she had been worried that she wouldn't get to see Kennedy much today.
  • We had hot dogs for lunch and then the kids mostly played outside for the rest of the afternoon and really the evening.  Kennedy ended up leaving after 4 and by 5, I was starting on supper.  The kids stayed out until we finally had to make them come in.  A few had showers before supper and the rest had to afterwards.  Supper tonight was chicken enchiladas, rice and beans and it was delicious.  
  • After showers and supper the kids had a bit of down time and then it was bedtime for the kids and ice cream time for me (yes, we are going to cut back on our ice cream but I plan on getting me a double portion tonight since my bunko for tonight was cancelled and because I feel pretty lousy since I now have Graham's cold...but ice cream will make me feel much, much better!)

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