May 13, 2016

Early week ice cream truck!
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  • Whitman was the first Dennie up this morning or at least I thought he was.  When he came out of his room, he had been using a stamp and looking out the window so no telling how long he was actually awake before he started knocking on the door while trying to unlock it.  
  • I had just convinced Whitman to climb into bed with us when Graham walked in with a page of his school work.  When my Graham is determined to do something he can do it so well.  For instance, the kids work on their math facts each day on the computer.  Graham is usually a slacker when it comes to this math and this has caused multiple meltdowns (by him and me) throughout this school year.  Last week, Anderson showed me a different screen which showed that even though I thought Graham had been doing his math (he had earned a yellow and not a red) he had actually only done 4 problems.  I politely explained to my child that was not acceptable and would change this week.  And change it did! One day last week Graham only did 4 problems on his computer math but this week he has averaged over 120 problems each day.  Also his overall score has gone up and up and up-passing Anderson's and Reagan's scores.
  • Back to this morning-by the time that Robby left for work, everyone was awake and waiting on this morning's muffins to cook.  The kids started right to work on their last day of school while I tried to straighten a few things and pull out school work for Monday (yes, I know it is summer but we will still do a few things each day)  
  • After lunch, we started on our chores and things were going swell for a bit.  Then the boys were roughhousing and I told them to stop and then minutes later they were doing it again.  That is when I told them to "get out of my house."  Those goofballs looked at each other and said "ok!"  I saw them walking around the swing and then sitting on the back deck.  I was going to let them stay out there until they decided to come in and it didn't take too long for my Graham to come in and ask "what do I need to do?"  Anderson wasn't too far behind them and it was a good thing they did decide to come in since we were getting ready to celebrate the last day of school.
  • Everyone had an ice cream treat and shortly afterward, Whitman just lost his ever loving mind-in 30 minutes that child bit Anderson (drawing blood-I would have to assume that Whitman doesn't have rabies), pooped in the floor (yes, though I probably should have had pants on the boy) and then he knocked all of the shoes off of the shelves in the garage.  I have never!  Hughey's sermon last week was about Samuel being dropped off at his church house when he was 3.  I am sure that he talked about something else as well but that was all that I heard and when I drove near the church on the way to Beebee's this afternoon, I sure did think of dropping my boy off there too.
  • Beebee was very happy to see us today.  Her place had had a big picnic for lunch so she was in a good mood and her candy bucket was filled to the brim so the kids were in good moods.  We didn't stay too long because Keaton was ready to leave so we could go and meet Grannymom.  She was going to get to spend the night at Grannymom's house tonight and could not wait to get over there.
  • After dropping her off, we came home and Campbell was anxious to play outside but no one else wanted to come and there were no neighbor kids out either.  So she convinced me to come out and do some of my work while sitting in the driveway.  That I did until Robby came home and he soon started working on the yard and I thought that I should start helping.
  • Eventually all of my people came out to join Campbell and so did the neighbor kids.  The yard was full until nearly 8 when we finally loaded up to go and pick up some pizza and then come home and eat supper before putting the kids into bed.  Breakfast is made for tomorrow (monkey bread) and everything is set out and ready for the soccer games-only 3 games left.

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