May 29, 2016

Feed the Need Day!
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  • This morning I was awake at 6:30 just laying in bed trying to figure out which kiddo would not get the official volunteer shirt.  We had been told that they may not have enough for everyone but when I picked ours up, I quickly counted and thought I had 7 (I didn't ask for one for Whitman). Last night though when I went to lay them out, I discovered that we only had 6.  Keaton would had been the obvious choice to not give her one but hers was so tiny that only she could wear it. Size wise, Campbell or Graham were my choices on who wouldn't get one so I laid in bed debating who would take the news the best.  Finally, I decided my Graham would understand and probably not really care so I went with him.
  • Later in the morning when I did tell him that he didn't have the same shirt as everyone else, he was a bit bummed but quickly forgot.  I did have him a green shirt so he blended in very nicely with us.  The kids were all quick to wake up and get ready this morning.  I guess that they were even excited about helping out with Feed the Need because when I went into the garage to fill an ice chest, everyone followed me and started to put their shoes on.  I had to tell them to all go back in the house because we had at least 15 more minutes before we left.
  • On the way there, we did stop to eat breakfast.  We had all just climbed out of the car when I man asked, "excuse me, ma'am, are they all your kids?"  Cate had spent the night with us so I was able to say, "nope, they aren't all mine" but maybe I should just have a shirt made that says "they're all mine."
  • We arrived at the Walmart early-well, before the truck arrived and we really didn't have a whole lot to do for about an hour. During that time the kids were all able to climb inside of the cab of the truck and blow the horn.  This delighted them all-even Whitman.  Now, my Whitman wasn't too sure of what we were doing but he knew that he did not want to go near that big truck.  I think he thought we were riding in it and this was not what he wanted to do.  But when he saw everyone else blowing the horn, he was ready to climb inside himself and blow that horn. 
  • When the church people started arriving with their food the kids would take the bags to the back of the truck and then we would sort it out on the truck.  But most of their time was spent in front of Walmart or Sams handing out cards that said what we needed.  A surprising number of people would bring out bags of food to donate-most of our donations today were made by non Geyer Springs members.  It was definitely hot and I am not sure that I have ever sweated so much (except when I am on that blasted treadmill) but we all had a great day.  Little Rock, Benton and Bryant collected nearly 18 thousands pounds of food and Conway collected over 20 thousand pounds of food.  
  • Whitman and Keaton went home with Grannymom and Grandpa when they dropped off their food and Graham went home with Nonna and Pops.  Everyone else stayed and they all did really well during our long day.  One stranger bought the Walmart people popsicles to enjoy while they were out passing our cards and another person bought Todd cokes to drink from Sams.  There are some really good people out there.
  • We picked up Keaton on the way home-she was tired from washing Grandpa's car and making brownies with Grannymom.  But Campbell and Reagan decided that they wanted to stay so in they went to Grannymom's house.  Campbell and Whitman ended up taking a good nap this afternoon and so did Keaton and I at our house when we came home.
  • But by supper time, the house was straight-ish and supper was ready-ish.  Nonna, Pops, Jason, Dana, Cash, Lilli, Grannymom and Grandpa all came over for our Memorial Day cookout. Robby had burgers and hot dogs along with beans (made by Keaton), potato salad, chips, brownies (made by Keaton and Whitman at Grannymom's), a watermelon fruit basket (made by Graham at Pops') and ice cream cookie sandwiches (also made by Keaton).  
  • After we ate, the kids played outside until dark.  As Jason was driving away, the kids and Robby and I walked to go and catch lightening bugs.  We were having a splendid time until Robby jumped 5 feet in the air and said "well, there's a snake."  Off I go to get the shovel while he follows the snake and corals the kids including Whitman who get a little too close for comfort. We just wanted lightening bugs but after the snake discovery, we all just came inside to take our showers.
  • Cash is spending the night tonight so the boys were sleeping in the bonus room and the girls are all back in their room-Campbell is taking her turn sleeping in the tent tonight. I guess I will leave it up as long as it is not a problem.  Tomorrow, we are going to the pool-just makes me tried thinking about it!

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