May 6, 2016

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  • Everyone, except Keaton and Campbell, were up right at 7 this morning.  I am not sure why they all woke up so early-I just think it is odd.  I am at least thankful that some (Reagan and Graham) started right on their school.  Anderson and Graham did start looking at their football and baseball cards while Whitman ran around the house making us much noise as he could. 
  • I was able to make muffins while the kids did begin their school work. After we ate our breakfast, we began school and just as soon as we began school, Graham and then Reagan had finished their school work.  
  • This is the second day in a row that Whitman has been pretty perfect during school.  Yesterday, he sat in the floor reading books for about 30 minutes and then laid covered up in his bed watching his kindle (I was just about convinced that he was sickly).  Today he again sat in the floor looking at a coloring book for a long, long time and then he sat playing with his toys in his bed while holding a flashlight.  I am not sure why he has taken such a liking to playing in his bed but whatever works is certainly fine with me.
  • After working together for just a few minutes, we loaded up for the grocery store.  We met Pops there and he helped us cart 20 pounds of potatoes, 2 canteloupes, 4 flats of strawberries and a watermelon inside so we could check out. I also bought hot dogs and bbq sandwiches for the kids lunch.  Once we had loaded up, Graham, Campbell and Keaton rode with Pops back to our house to start to work.
  • Reagan, Anderson and I took Whitman to Grannymom's house for the night.  He was so excited about going and even helped me pack his new car (he earned it back) and his toothbrush.  But when we were loading up to leave, he heard me start the car and that baby bolted into the car.  His first reaction was that we were going to leave him but then when we reminded him that he was getting to stay, he was perfectly content.  
  • Back at home, the kids had helped Pops carry everything in to the house and had all started cutting the tops off of strawberries outside.  Campbell had made lemonade for them to drink and they were working hard.  Everyone had crazy sharp knives and were slicing away (we didn't loose a single finger today and did not even need a bandaid-miracles never cease!)
  • We joined them and were soon inside washing and slicing all of the strawberries.  We had 3.5 flats and I put away about 26 cups (13 containers) of strawberries along with 2 big bowls left in the fridge for us to eat.  
  • The kids so enjoyed working with Pops that they asked to go to his house to help him slice his strawberries.  So after we had finished with ours, he ran home and soon we arrived over there.  By the time I made it in the house, the kids were at the bar working away on the strawberry slicing.  We helped him do 3 more flats and everyone worked really well.  Reagan even said that she wanted a job slicing strawberries when she grows up.  She said that she could go door to door asking if they had any strawberries for her to cut.  
  • After we had finished cutting, we went outside for a bit of baseball.  By this time the kids were tired so the game fell apart when I had had enough and made everyone get in the car!  Once at home, the kids went outside and watched their turtle most of the afternoon long.  They went on a long walk and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the neighbor kids-it is standard the last few days to have 10 kiddos in the yard here and I just love that. 
  • Robby came home and we made supper and then ate on the back patio.  Then we played a bit of basketball and ended the night with a walk down the street before coming in for the evening.

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