May 19, 2016

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  • I forgot this little tidbit last night.  After the ice cream party, the kids played out on the playground and Robby and I called them to leave.  Everyone came running except Whitman who did not even hear us.  Robby led the others out of the gate and on around the fence towards the car. I entered the playground and was behind Whitman to get him.  Before I could make it to him, he looked up and saw his Daddy and his brothers and sisters walking to the car.  That baby of mine shouted. "don't leave me" and took off running to the car.  He had no idea that I was behind him and sprinted out of the playground, down the sidewalk and to the car.  It was pretty funny but a bit sad as well-surely, he wouldn't think that that we would leave him.  I tried to reassure him for the rest of the evening that we would not leave him anywhere (at least on purpose.)
  • Before 7, Campbell was in our bed but she soon fell back asleep so we laid there until time to jump up and get Keaton to school.  Each week Robby has been taking Whitman along with one of the kids.  At the beginning of school, they would just run a few errands but over the last few weeks the mornings out have become bigger and bigger-doughnuts and drinks along with the errands.  Campbell was the one on the adventure today and she even brought him doughnuts for the rest of us.
  • Back at home, the rest of us started to work on school and I went to work on that school room closet.  When Robby returned, Whitman went upstairs to play on his train track-he has backed off his kindle watching lately and has renewed his obsession with his trains.  The rest of us worked together and then we started on a game of Sorry.
  • We didn't get too far on that because Robby saw the neighbor kids out during one of their school breaks.  The kids hustled outside and stayed out there for the next 6 hours.  I made lunch and Reagan and Whitman came in to eat, Campbell gobbled her food so she could get back outside and the boys ate outside while playing.  
  • The kids spent quite a bit of time in the neighbors front yard playing board games.  They also played a game of baseball here and hours were spent riding their bikes.  Whitman spent his afternoon in the dirt pile-that boy was able to entertain himself for most of the afternoon.  He did help rake a bit but other than that, he was on his own.  
  • When it was almost 5, I called in the kids to have a snack and load up.  On the way to the fields, we ran to Walmart but we also drove through quite a bit of rain.  That prepared us mentally for the soccer game that was to come.  When Reagan saw the rain on the windshield, she become so stressed out that she would not get to play her next to last soccer game.
  • We were able to start the game without it raining but soon, it was a good little drizzle.  We quickly put up our umbrellas and urged the kids to come under them with us but apparently the only kid that we have with any sense is Keaton.  She did try at least to stay dry but no one else seemed to care.  Reagan and her team played 3 on 3 with the other team and Reagan's team one by 2 points.  It would have been a higher scoring game except that lightening appeared on the radar so the games were cancelled at half time.  Reagan was bummed about not getting to play a full game but Robby was glad that he was able to see her play since he is always coaching Graham during Reagan's games.
  • It took us probably 30 minutes to load up the car.  We tried to dry a few things before loading them up.  Then we worked on getting the grass off of the kids legs followed by taking off their shoes and socks before they climbed into the car.  Then we headed to pick up a pizza on the way home.
  • Once at home, everyone showered so they could eat in dry clothes.  We ate and then gobbled up the brownies that Keaton and Nonna had made this afternoon.  The kiddos were tired tonight so I sure hope that they sleep in a bit in the morning.

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