May 20, 2016

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  • We have now completed the first full week of our summer vacation and I think that I really, really like summer.  It might just be my favorite time of the year and possibly we will continue our summer schedule forever and give up our normal school days.  (kidding about giving up school-kind of!) We all pretty much slept until 8, had biscuits and jelly for breakfast, did a bit of school, played a game, did some chores and were outside by 11. 
  • The kids started their Sorry game yesterday but only played a tiny bit of it then and even less today.  We have been pretty diligent about locking the game up in a room away from Whitman and taking pictures of it each time they finish.  Maybe we can sit down tomorrow and finish it but since Whitman has now moved (possibly hidden) all of the pieces who knows what we will do.
  • At 1, we loaded up and headed to Nonna's house to drop off Campbell.  This was her turn to spend the night at Nonna's house and also her turn to spend the night with Grannymom.  When Grannymom wrote to ask about getting Campbell tonight, I was busy texting her and wiping a bottom and guess what happen to my phone.  Yep, right in the potty but it only took me less than a second to throw the pottyer off of the potty, grab my phone, rip off the case and start drying it with pottyer's undies (they were the closest thing I had).  Let's just say that the commotion coming from that bathroom caused all of my people to come and check on us.  My phone and my hands were then disinfected multiple times over the next few minutes and thankfully my phone survived this little ordeal.
  • After we dropped of Campbell, we went to see Beebee.  She was in good spirits and the kids had brought a game to play which helped some.  When we were leaving, Beebee did say "Whitman only got 1 spanking while he was here so he did pretty good."  I'll agree with that.
  • Next up was dropping off Graham with Grannymom.  Since Campbell was taken, Grannymom had to take the next in line-Graham.  He was so excited to learn that he was going to get a night out of the house.  
  • When we came home, the kids spent pretty much the rest of the day outside.  Whitman would come in and then go back out.  They were all outside when Robby came home and we played a bit of baseball before heading inside.  Reagan and Keaton convinced us to let them make nachos for the kids.  So they ate their supper while watching a movie and now, Anderson is sleeping on the floor in the girls' room and Keaton and Reagan are sleeping in a tent in their bedroom.  Now, usually on a Friday night (or any other night of the week) I would be preparing myself for ice cream but not tonight-we are all out!  Eeek!  

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