May 14, 2016

Soccer Day!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • I hit snooze this morning over and over again but finally jumped out of bed and headed to the showers.  Robby was pretty close behind me because soon kids were passing by wearing their jerseys.  We had monkey bread ready for breakfast this morning because last night, Whitman dropped a can of biscuits out of the fridge so those had to be baked (earlier in the day he had also broke an egg from the fridge but that didn't end up cooked like the biscuits.)
  • Today our first game started at 8:30 so we hustled to get to the soccer field.  Keaton and Campbell's game was first and my Campbell hustled like crazy today.  She really gets soccer-just like Reagan.  And Keaton is so not afraid during the game and will get in the mix to kick at the ball.  Unfortunately, they lost their game today but just by 1 point.
  • Then we had our break between games and decided to try out another doughnut place.  The kids really liked today's doughnuts but we are still Shipley's fans.  Then we spent a bit of time and a bit of money at Lowes while waiting to head back to the fields.  
  • Reagan's game was next-she scored once and nearly scored at least twice.  She did get knocked down once and held back a bit for a while.  But then she got back after it and was again all over the field.  I do think that her goal in life is to now be a soccer coach and a soccer ref.  
  • On the other end of the fields was Graham playing.  I do not know what in the world his team mates were doing today but whenever I watched Graham he was the only one with his head in the game.  That boy hustled again today-a sweet lady even came up and complimented Graham after the game on how well he played.
  • Then we headed to the pavilion to eat our lunch.  After lunch, it was Anderson's game so we all moved to his field.  His team was the only winning team today and his games always seem to be the most entertaining to watch-the boys are pretty animated, the parents are loud, we are all relaxed since it is the last game which all makes for a very fun game.  
  • When we made it home from soccer, I quickly helped unload and then Graham and I headed to Will's birthday party at Alititude.  Graham had loads of fun jumping and was exhausted on the way home.  One of his party favors was a little bag of sunflower seeds and my goodness, my kiddos have apparently never had sunflower seeds.  They were all so excited to try them and Reagan has even asked for some for her birthday.
  • Everyone at home spent their afternoon outside.  They were filthy when we came home from the party.  Robby and Whitman had quick showers and then we headed over to the Wilsons to celebrate Tony's birthday.  They had made supper which we happily ate while the kids played and played outside!  We stayed out way too late since we had to hose down the kids before letting them into their beds.  So once we did make it home, we quickly showered everyone and then to bed they went.
  • Reagan did say that her ear was hurting tonight and even let me put some ear drops and she hates medicine.  This must be mean that she is getting sickly!  Arrgh!

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