May 5, 2016

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  • At 7:04 this morning I was helping Graham with his school work.  It was so dark in our room that I had to shine my phone so I could see. As soon as he left the room, Anderson was in asking for help with his work.  I am not sure what got into those two but goodness.  Anderson did know that he was going to get to leave with Robby and Keaton to take her to school so that probably helped to motivate him.
  • By 8, Graham was nearly finished with his school and we were seeing Anderson, Whitman, Keaton and Robby off.  They headed to drop of Keaton and if what I heard was accurate, they also went to Shipleys (though I did not receive anything from there) and the gas station.  
  • Back at home, the house was quiet and I worked with Campbell and Reagan to finish their work as quickly as we could.  Now, most of Reagan's time these days is spent correcting her math work.  She seems to get her math right now but she still misses quite a few problems. Now Reagan can read circles around Anderson, but his strongest subject is math.  He makes mistakes on his math so infrequently that I just check his math every other day.  
  • We finished school and I made grilled cheese for lunch and then we did a few chores.  Whitman and I spent at least an hour upstairs playing doctor and playing with the pretend food.  Then around 2, we all headed outside and stayed out until 7.  The kids played and played and for most of the evening we had 10 kiddos playing in the yard.  They were all having a blast-playing basketball, frisbee, baseball, swinging, riding bikes and much more riding bikes.  I wish the kids had pedometers on their bikes because I am pretty sure that they rode 100 miles today-just riding to the neighbors house and back over and over again.
  • At 7:30 we all came in and started on our showers and by the time that we all were clean again, Robby had spaghetti on the table.  We ate supper and then ate the scrumptious cookies that Keaton and Nonna made together this afternoon and then it was bedtime for all.

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