May 3, 2016

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  • "Reagan's missing!"  Nothing like waking up to those words after going to bed reading and watching some scary things about missing kids.  Campbell was standing over our bed at 1:17 this morning.  I only caught the tail end of what she was telling us and Robby was already wide awake.  She said that Reagan went to the bathroom at 1 and never came back and wasn't in the bathroom either.  It took no time at all for us to bound up the stairs while looking in the bathrooms as we passed.  I opened the door to their room and there was Reagan sound asleep in her bed.  I am certainly glad that Campbell was worried about her sister but we have no clue about what really happened-did Reagan go to the bathroom and Campbell didn't see her return, did one of the boys use the bathroom and Campbell just thought that it was Reagan or was Campbell just having a crazy dream.  Gracious me!
  • When we were upstairs checking on everyone in the middle of the night, we sure didn't notice that Graham was no longer in his pajamas but had already dressed for the zoo.  When he told us about this over breakfast, Reagan also said that Campbell put on her clothes in the middle of the night.  I really have no idea what all goes on upstairs during bedtime.
  • It didn't take the kids much time to get ready this morning because this was Keaton's first (and only) field trip-the zoo!  Whitman was probably more excited than anyone else.  On our way, we picked up Grannymom and she joined us on our field trip.  We met everyone and then entered the zoo.  My boys pretty much stayed at the head of the pack along with Campbell.  Though Graham did buddy up with Cannon and Reagan was delighted that Grace was there to be her friend.  Keaton and Harper held hands most of the time and that left Whitman who stayed with our group pretty well.
  • We pretty much saw all of the animals today and even played on all 3 of the zoo playgrounds.  Then we headed to eat lunch at Grannymom's house after picking up pizza.  The kids played outside at Grannymom's house until we headed home.  Once at home, they all played outside for a bit then the big 3 came in.  That was fine but with my 3 littles outside, I really have to be outside myself and I sure can't be on the treadmill.  So I stayed outside most of the afternoon and when I did come in to work on supper, everyone else went outside to play.
  • We had pork tenderloin, green beans, mashed potatoes and cornbread for supper tonight and it was all just as delicious as it sounded.  Our tenderloin was small and after we cooked it, it was even smaller.  I guess it was nice to not have any leftovers!  
  • After supper, the kids all headed back outside and all the neighbor kids were out playing so a good time was had by one and all.  Showers and chores (we were behind from our busy day) were next and then it was bedtime!  Hopefully there will be no excitement tonight!

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