May 2, 2016

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  • Only 7 more days of school left so that fact is enough to get me out of bed early and ready to start the day at a decent time.  And since I now consider 8 to be a decent time things went smoothly this morning.
  • We had our breakfast-those buggers almost finished 2 boxes of cereal this morning (one of those was just bought for me!)  Everyone ate at the bar so the cereal crumbs weren't too bad this morning but chore time today still involved vacuuming.  I did have Reagan vacuum during chore time because I wanted the floor to be vacuumed well.
  • The kids finished at a decent time this morning and we worked on science until lunch.  Graham and Anderson had become a bit behind on their Bible study so they had to work on it after lunch while the girls and I worked on chores.
  • Today I thought that I would try really hard to include Whitman on our chore time-it didn't go so well.  Pottying didn't go so well today either-we will need all new carpet by the time this kid is potty trained.  I was even on the treadmill this afternoon when the girls came upstairs to say that he had pooed on the floor-how does that happen?  I had just taken him potty and he had on underwear and pants.  Oh, gracious!
  • This afternoon we were watching a documentary for a few minutes before I let the kids free for the afternoon.  We were all sitting quietly when we heard a loud kerplunk come from upstairs.  I counted heads and everyone was in the living room so then I looked outside to check for a branch that might have fallen but didn't see anything.  Before I could realize what was happening, Reagan and Graham were running upstairs to see what was wrong.  My first reaction was "I'm not going up there" but decided that I should at least go to protect my brave kids.  I was shocked that they thought nothing of exploring the loud sound-it was only a box that had fallen in the attic which I had been digging in earlier and apparently didn't put up well.
  • For supper, I heated up some chicken tortillas and then it was off to soccer.  Robby took the girls while the boys and I stayed here for a bit.  Then we loaded up and drove to the soccer fields.  Once at home, the girls showered and had a snack and then when the boys came home, they first received hair cuts before their showers.  It was past time for hair cuts (and no Whitman didn't get a hair cut tonight).  
  • After the boys were clean, it was bedtime for all our peeps.  Whitman was exhausted tonight-he had to be reminded about his milk.  Before bed, I give him the tiniest sip of milk in a big boy cup.  He thinks he is something else drinking his milk on the counter while everyone else is brushing their teeth.

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