May 16, 2016

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  • Seriously, I do believe that my kids are insomniacs.  A little after 7, Graham was in my room asking about his bit of school work that he needed to do today. Reagan was right behind him working on her school work.  I know I have given them work to do this summer but I think that I have stressed them out.  During regular school days they have 12-15 items to complete but this summer, they only have 3! Possibly they were all in a rush to finish their school work so they could play on their kindles.
  • But it wasn't kindle time until almost lunch time.  We had our breakfast to eat along with cleaning the kitchen.  Then everyone finished what was left of their school work before we started on our chores for the day.  And finally once those were finished, it was time for them to pull out their kindles.
  • I spent the rest of the morning organizing that blasted school room closet.  I am making progress in there but goodness gracious, I think that I am a hoarder.  I know that is a surprise to many of you so to help with my hoarding cure I have thrown away at least 20 pounds of paper today.
  • Next up was lunch and some reading.  We are finishing all of our library books around here and I have at least 50 books to return to the library-which is kind of odd because their site only shows that I have 20 checked out!  Maybe I will get a credit to my library fines.
  • Most of the afternoon was spent looking out the window, checking the radar and looking for emails-we were supposed to have soccer games tonight but the rain made all of that questionable.  Finally they cancelled the games and rescheduled them for Tuesday and Thursday of this week.  I guess that is good for the kids since they were bummed that they were going to miss their games but their rescheduled games will cause me to miss bunko and Robby and I to miss a banquet at church.  But the weather for the rest of the week doesn't look too promising.  
  • When Robby came home we had our supper and then we watched a movie.  For some reason our movie finished before bedtime so the kids had some more down time before bed.  And would you believe that they started on their work for tomorrow? They also played a game and even played the xbox some.  Then it was finally bedtime...and ice cream time!

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