May 23, 2016

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  • We were sleeping so peacefully last night when Campbell came into our room and said those dreaded words "Keaton threw up."  Up the steps we went to gather and clean poor Keaton.  She was still standing in the bathroom.  I helped her go to the bathroom and then she went downstairs with Robby while he left me with the paper towels and cleaning stuff.  
  • By the time I can downstairs, Robby had Keaton bedded down in our floor and we hoped that the night would go smoothly from there.  That poor baby could not go to sleep at all and tossed and turned for about an hour until she had to go to the bathroom.  That didn't last too long and we had to quickly turn around.  Keaton is my happiest yet worst sick kid-she will throw up and just smile back at you right afterwards but when she is sick, she is really, really sick.  Thankfully though once she finished with that round, she soon fell asleep and didn't wake up until Graham had already joined her in the floor of my room.
  • Graham didn't get sick until 7 this morning and bless him, he was sick, sick, much worse than he has ever been.  Both ends and continuous until about 10.  But here is the odd thing, by 11 he was outside riding his bike.  He still moved a bit slower today and would come in occasionally to go to the bathroom but still, sick as a dog one minute and playing outside the next.  
  • But that was also the way it was with Keaton; when she woke up this morning she was ready to eat, to play and to not lay in my room and rest.  I eventually did just have to let her get up and do whatever she wanted and after she held down a pop tart for breakfast I counted her as well.  I am sure it must have been a stomach bug but their oddly quick recovery times makes me wonder if they are something bad (but we all ate the same thing yesterday so that really couldn't be it-probably just wishful thinking by me because I don't want for anyone else, including me, to get sick.)
  • I tried to keep everyone quiet this morning hoping that Graham would rest but he was too busy being sick to rest.  The kids helped me straighten upstairs and then downstairs.  I was going to make them do their school but Robby talked me out of it (it wasn't that hard to convince me!)  
  • By lunch time, everyone was playing outside so we just had a quick little snacky lunch-mostly cheese and crackers for all of my sickly people.  But Graham and Keaton must have been starving because they kept asking for more food.  After lunch, the kids headed back outside to play with the neighbors and there they stayed until after 8.  
  • Eventually Robby and I joined them outside to do some raking. While Robby was blowing some leaves he stumbled upon a snake.  Anderson was sent to get a shovel and couldn't find one so he did come back with a hoe (good thinking).  The snake wasn't huge but was indeed a copperhead-eek!  That did spur Robby on to start a fire and get rid of some of our leaves on the lower side of the house.  We worked out there until bedtime with only stopping when Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a quick visit.
  • After showers, we had supper and then sent the kiddos to bed.  Hopefully everyone will sleep all night long tonight and this little tummy bug will bypass the rest of us!

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