May 4, 2016

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  • Two items that I have forgotten to write about: 1. The deer antlers that Anderson was holding in yesterday's pictures were found by yours truly in the back yard.  That is a pretty cool find and Anderson was so proud of them.
  • Item 2. Last Sunday I forgot to write this little gem: We were waiting in our Sunday school class for the parents to come and pick up their kids.  We only had 2 left with us and our own kids so we decided to walk the remaining girls to their parents.  After dropping one off, we were down to one lone extra kid.  Her parents were working in the nursery on the other side of the church house so we headed that way.  On the way we met the girl's dad and he thanked us for delivering his child and then apologized that we had to bring the "whole class" with us.  Whole class? It was just our own kids!
  • Back to this morning-today was our last day of Bible study and the kids were pretty excited as they talked about what to expect in their new classes next year.  Anderson's group is pretty small so he may be back up with Reagan or still with Graham and some years the 1st grade is with the big kids and other years it is not.  Personally, I am pretty conflicted about this.  Campbell would love to be moved up and seems to big to be on the preschool side again but moving up also means having her own Bible study to do every single day which means more work for me!
  • They all had wonderful last days in their classes and they have all had wonderful sets of teachers.  The big 3 even had pizza today as a reward for all of their hard work on their Bible study lessons and the others had extra playground time.  
  • After I picked everyone up, we went to eat and play.  The kids enjoyed playing on the playground though everyone but Keaton and Whitman got into trouble and probably if I think real hard, Whitman probably got in trouble at sometime or another out there.  I do know that my kids love each other but sometimes they sure aren't nice to each other!
  • Our next stop was to see Beebee and she was off playing bingo and my kiddos really, really wanted to stay and be the callers which would have been interesting but we went to raid Beebee's candy stash instead.  They were pretty good for her and she was pretty good for them.  And to top our trip off, on the way home Whitman fell asleep so that could not have made me any happier!
  • I also wouldn't let the kids go outside this afternoon-Campbell was really the only one who was disappointed.  I really, really wanted to put in my treadmill time and almost didn't make it-I laid down with Campbell on my bed and that child is so cuddly that I just about fell asleep but instead I did 3.4 miles which is a record for me.
  • Then it was time to make supper (heat it up) and head to church.  On the way home from church, Robby headed out a different exit and the kids new immediately that we were not going the right way.  They were delighted when we pulled into a snow cone stand.  Everyone had their own and they could not have been more delighted.  It was a good way to end our perfectly busy day!

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