May 21, 2016

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  • Last soccer day at Raymar so we were up early this morning-not as early as we probably should have been but still early.  We had about 10 minutes left before we needed to load up, I was getting myself dressed and doing the girls' hair and I hollered at Robby, who didn't hear me, to please not let me forget Whitman.  Graham and Campbell had slept over at grandparents so we were already down a few kids and I was a bit afraid that I would forget about the one who was still happily sleeping.  Whitman must have sensed this because within seconds he was knocking on his door saying "let me out."
  • The original plan was for Robby to run into the grocery store before the games but since we left about 5 minutes later than planned, we didn't think we had time for the store (and ran there between games instead).  When we made it to the fields, Campbell and Graham were both there and happy to see us.
  • Campbell and Keaton played first.  My Keaton did a cartwheel as she ran out of the tunnel and was very proud of herself.  The team that they were playing today were giants-seriously, they were all as tall as Campbell but fortunately for us, they weren't too good at all.  Our little team of 4 pretty much dominated the game even though the score did not reflect that.  Campbell ran and ran and ran during the game and Keaton would really kick the ball hard.  It was a great game for them to finish the season with because they all played super hard the entire game.
  • Next up was our doughnut run-Dale's in Benton today.  It was pretty good but Shipley's is still the favorite of ours.  Reagan and Graham were the next games.  I walked over to see Graham play during the first period-I looked on the field and he wasn't there.  I looked on the bench he wasn't there.  I guess that Robby saw me looking around confused and shouted at me that he was playing on another field.  The other field was short players so Robby was sending one of his players over each period.  I was able to see Graham score a goal on that side and this was the only goal scored by his team today.
  • I only watched him play 2 periods.  Reagan really notices who is watching her games and I wanted to make sure she had a crowd to cheer for her.  That girl was on fire today-she scored at least 3 and the other coach was shouting at his players to "stay with number 23."  Reagan said that she heard him say that and "it made her feel good."  Her team won their game and I believe the score was at least 6-1.
  • We all had lunch under the pavilion and then headed to watch Anderson's team play.  They are always entertaining and Anderson almost scored a goal but he ran his little heart out.  His team won as well but I think he was more excited about passing out a snack to his teammates.
  • After the games, the kids helped pick up the fields and flags.  Then we rewarded everyone with Sonic drinks and some time to play on the playground at Sonic.  Once we made it home, we cleaned and cleaned out the car.  It is so clean now that I feel that we should be going on a trip. 
  • But we didn't go on a trip-we just played outside.  I finished cleaning up inside while Robby did just what he wanted to do on a Saturday afternoon-cut down a tree (not!)  A tree near the house is dead and has been dead but today a good bit of it fell while we were gone so neighbor man cut the tree down and Robby spent the rest of the afternoon cutting up the tree and picking up limbs.
  • When we finally finished that job, we headed in for showers and a sandwich supper.  We let the kids finish watching a documentary (wild and crazy Saturday night for us!) and then it was bedtime for the crew!

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