May 27, 2016

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  • Everyone slept late last night and again I was thankful that no one became sick-hopefully, everyone is on the mend and no one else will become sick.  I was just about to wake up Whitman, the last one to wake up today, when I heard him knocking on his bedroom door while asking "who is it?"
  • I try to make muffins on Fridays but I only had one package of muffin mix so it was just one muffin apiece plus we did pull out some breakfast burritos.  After our breakfast, we started on our little bit of school.  I feel so sneaky making them do school work while on summer vacation and I love it.  It might even start slipping in some of their work for this next school year.
  • After we worked on our science (I do believe that our science will never end!), we started on chores.  When those were finished, I jumped on the treadmill and the kids went outside for about 5 minutes and then came back in when they couldn't find the neighbors.
  • We ate a quick lunch filled with leftovers and then loaded up to run a few errands.  We went to the library and picked up the books that I had reserved and then the kids all picked a few more.  I swear we checked out a hundred books today-I know that because I carried them all to the car!
  • Then it was to church to pick up our volunteer tshirts for Sunday's Feed the Need.  Next up was a stop at the grocery store-I usually try to avoid shopping of any kind with everyone-but today, we had our Feed the Need list and went to work on our shopping.  We had a budget and the kids helped me buy what was on the list and count how much we had spent.  I am sure that people in the aisles with me were pittying the poor, large family after hearing me say things like "we only have 4 more dollars that we can spend," or "we can buy a box of granola bars or a jar of peanut butter."
  • Next up was dropping Campbell off at Grannymom's house for the night.  When she called to chat tonight she told me that she had eaten a grilled cheese sandwich and that is exactly what we had eaten.  We had gone to a grilled cheese restaurant and it was fine but we probably should have just crashed Grannymom's house and eaten with Campbell.
  • Before we did head out to eat, we were home for a bit-long enough for the kids to go outside and play.  I am not sure how my boys can become so sweaty in just a few minutes but they were indeed sweaty enough for showers before we did go out to eat.  We did have a quick trip to Walmart on the way home and once home, it was bedtime for all!

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