May 26, 2016

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  • Our alarms went off at 7 this morning so we could get everyone ready and head to Keaton's last day of school.  Not only were they going to have certificates, singing, cinnamon rolls and a play day.  It was a big day for my little preschooler.
  • But shortly after those alarms rang Robby thought that he heard someone call me.  I didn't hear but did head upstairs and there I found poor Keaton.  She was on the potty and sick, sick.  When I finally thought that she was ok enough for me to bring her downstairs, I held her and quickly moved over the carpet to my bathroom.  On the way, I did tell Robby that there was now no reason to hurry and then set down with Keaton on the tile floor.  It was a good thing we were on the tile because just seconds later the poor child just exploded!  
  • Afterwards, I put her in the shower for just a second and then laid her down by our bed.  On Monday she was sick and then felt pretty good but not today.  It took her until almost 11 to really wake up and feel okay to leave our bedroom.
  • Meanwhile, everyone else was already dressed so we did eat our breakfast earlier than usual.  Then the kids started on school and we even had a chance to work together today.  They morning didn't go quite as we had planned since we missed Keaton's celebration along with a trip to see Beebee, the library and the grocery store (we will make up some of those stops tomorrow.)
  • But since Keaton was missing her pre-k graduation, we thought that we should have one here.  Reagan made her a certificate, found her a trophy and medal.  Campbell had some jewelry and another certificate for her.  I had made tummy friendly hors d'oeuvres (cheese and crackers) and Robby made a grand speech.  As he introduced Keaton he explained that she was the favorite, prettiest and smartest in her class.  She then entered the kitchen to the cheers and applause of us all and received her certificates.  I do believe that she enjoyed her impromptu graduation and it might possibly have made her feel better because soon she was feeling much better and playing outside.
  • I didn't give the kids lunch until 1 and they only received their lunch when they knocked on the back door.  Then I would pass it to them-they were all too busy working on a sand castle competition and had forgotten about lunch.  The girls ended up winning (I had to be the judge) but the boys (I didn't get a picture before Whitman knocked it down) made a pretty impressive castle.  I guess we will need to consider a load of real sand after this dirt disappears.
  • Robby and I went outside to do some yard work but before we knew it, the rain was near.  Robby did get a bit of mowing accomplished but had to hurry and put the mower up before he was struck by lightening.  The kids and the neighbor kids were all out playing-and getting soaked! I debated having everyone go in but we just lived on the edge and they all had a blast.  
  • After Robby and I had hung up a clothes line for wet pool towels, we headed inside.  The kids were already soaked so they probably didn't need the showers that we gave them but they received them anyway.  Soon Robby made our supper-pancakes which Reagan things taste most like actual cake than pancakes.  
  • When supper was cleaned up, we watched a movie and then it was bedtime.  Keaton is celebrating her last day of school (even though she missed it) by sleeping in the tent upstairs.  That tent has gotten more use in the last 2 weeks than in the last 6 years.

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