May 1, 2016

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  • Our Sunday morning was pretty much the same as usual-some up early (boys), some up later (girls), some throwing clothes on in a hurry to get to their kindles (boys), some stalling to put on their clothes (Reagan, who is just slow in all she does, and Campbell, who didn't like her outfit), some weeping and wailing (Keaton fussing about her dress) and some as happy as they could be (Whitman when he heard breakfast was cinnamon rolls). 
  • After church this morning we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch.  Hot dogs were on the menu and that is a favorite of everyone.  Now dessert was banana pudding and I do not believe that it was a favorite of the majority of the Dennie kids-weirdos.
  • They played outside with Grannymom while we ran to Sams to pick up some food (for Keaton's school) and medicine (allergy meds for my allergy peeps) and then we picked up the crew and headed home.  Keaton and Campbell wanted to stay outside so we let them and Robby even joined them as he cut the yard.
  • Whitman was inside and outside-pouring bubbles, climbing in the fridge, washing leaves in the sink, climbing on the kitchen counter and watching a movie-needless to say that child did not allow me to have my Sunday afternoon nap.  But that was fine since I did a little bit of planning for school in the fall which was possibly time better spent than with a nap.
  • Church tonight and we even let the kids play on the playground after church.  They had fun and thankfully didn't get hot enough to warrant their second shower of the day.  Once at home, we gave them another snack (2 snacks make 1 Sunday supper? right?) and then we had our ice cream.  Unfortunately, our ice cream choices have become very, very limited but Robby did promise to buy some more before next Sunday.
  • After ice cream, we did send them to bed so they could read for a bit extra tonight and you would have thought that we had given them candy and money-they were so excited!  Worked well for us-now we can eat the leftover ice cream!

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