May 31, 2016

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  • I was awake early this morning but still not quite as early as the boys.  I knew that I had to be up early (for me) so we could start our morning early.  We were able to put away laundry, eat breakfast, get ready and everyone did one school box before we loaded up.
  • We went to Grannymom's house and there we picked up Nonna and Grannymom-Whitman was in heaven since he had 2 grandmas with him.  We went to pick blueberries and this was the best berry picking day we have ever had.  The weather was cloudy and perfect and the berries were fairly plentiful.
  • Whitman understood what we were doing and happily carried his bucket.  He did put a few blueberries in his bucket but for the most part he ate and ate and ate.  By the time that we left, his shirt was covered in blueberry and even blackberry juice.  (I am actually fortunate that they did not weigh him and charge me for his extra weight due to his berry consumption!)
  • All of the other kids did the best they have ever done picking berries today.  I assume that it was because the weather was nicer or possibly because they are a bit older.  Either way, we quickly filled up my bucket and then the kids happily helped Nonna and Grannymom fill up their buckets.
  • After our buckets were filled, we dropped off the grannies and headed to the pool.  The Kamps were already there and the kids jumped right in.  They all played great and I didn't even get around to fixing our lunches until the 1:00 pool break.  The kids could have probably swam for another hour (or 4) but we still headed home around 2.
  • Once at home, everyone helped unload the car and then went right to work on school and chores.  By 3ish, everyone was vegging out on the couch until supper time.  We ate right at 5 so we could get Reagan to Camryn's house for her birthday party.  
  • The kids still love baked potatoes and supper was gobbled up.  The girls and Whitman all went with me to drop Reagan off.  Whitman fussed the entire way home because he did not get to go inside with me.  
  • Meanwhile the boys showered, had dessert and were watching a movie by the time that we made it home.  My little girls went outside to play and then came in for their showers and dessert before everyone headed to bed.  Keaton and Campbell were very excited tonight because they were going to listen to their CD before bed instead of read-it is the simple joys!

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