May 28, 2016

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  • This was the first Saturday in a few weeks that we have not had any thing at all on our to do list.  It was pretty wonderful since we stayed in bed for way too long.  Robby did make the kids cinnamon rolls for breakfast and soon Campbell was delivered back to us from her night out at Grannymom's house.
  • Fairly early in the morning, we all joined Robby outside and started working in the yard.  That is pretty much what we did all day long so I guess that the blog could actually end right here tonight but I will try to break it down for you.
  • Robby and I spent the entire day on the upper part of the yard burning down a huge burn pile.  We weren't able to get to the ditch, the middle bit of the yard or the side yard but we did really well.  Robby was actually outside until after 8 tonight.  (FYI-only one snake killed today.  We were raking and Robby said "there's a snake" rather calmly.  I was standing right beside him and he was just standing there and not giving me any indication of where that thing was.  I thought I was stepping on it! But all was well-well, not for snake.)
  • The kids spent the day helping (a tiny, tiny bit), riding their bikes, playing board games, digging dirt castles, inventing games and playing with the neighbors.  They just had a blast outside but by the end of the day, everyone was ready to come in and have their showers. 
  • Around 2, Reagan and I left the house to deliver shirts to Amber, pick up Cate to spent the night with us and then buy pizza for our late, late lunch.  We were gone long enough that everyone was starving by the time that we made it home.  We all ate and then the kids went back to playing.
  • My Whitman wasn't too pleased today.  He played for a long while in the "dessert" but then he just couldn't stay happy.  He must have just been tired because he was just a fussy gussy.  Eventually Robby took him inside, gave him a shower and set him up with a Thomas movie and a drink.  This helped and he stayed inside for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Actually, he had moved on to a movie in our bedroom and was being so quiet that we forgot about him briefly while we were putting the others in bed.  I fought us going to bed and we had to talk him into it but I think that he was so super tired!

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