May 18, 2016

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  • It was such a dreary morning that my people were very slow to wake up which was wonderful.  And then when they did wake up, they migrated to our bed-first Keaton and Campbell, then Graham, followed by Whitman and with all of those kiddos in bed with me it was sure hard to get up.
  • Whitman picked our breakfast this morning-his choices were waffles and pancakes or toast and yogurt.  He picked yogurt so that it was...yogurt in his mouth, on his shirt, across his face and even in his hair.  My boy liked him some yogurt!
  • After breakfast the kids went right to work on the laundry (assigned by Robby) and then back to the kitchen to help with that yogurt clean up.  Next it was time for their school work and everyone went right to work on that.
  • The morning went by pretty quick and before I had accomplished much, it was time for lunch.  I was supervising the boys raising a tent when Reagan asked if she could make lunch.  That I certainly agreed to but then I did question my agreement when she served "chipwiches" (bread with chips on it).  I was about to say "nope" to her selection when she explained that it was from a book that she is reading so I figured one "chipwich" wouldn't hurt.
  • After lunch, the boys went back to work on their fort building and Reagan scurried off to read (she is flying through a book series right now and can not get enough of her books-unfortunately she is on the last one!)  And I headed to the treadmill.  Today was a good treadmill day-I only had to get off 2 times.  Once to turn on the air upstairs and another time to ....hmm, sorry I don't even remember.  I do know that it was something to do with Whitman but can't remember what it was.
  • When it was near supper time, the kids put on their clothes and then we had our baked potatoes for supper (I only have about 20 more pounds of them for us to eat!)  Church was next and this was awards night.  Whitman fell sound asleep on the way there so I just held him during the ceremony.  He was fine the first bit (when he was asleep) but then I had to wrestle him that next half.  
  • Keaton and Campbell's group sang a few songs and said a few verses.  They were all awarded a certificate.  Then the big kids sang a song and also said a few verses.  Reagan received a hymnal for her work memorizing hymns in 1-3rd grade.  She also received a trophy for memorizing all the verses and a few other ribbons.  The boys also received a trophy and a few ribbons.  Everyone was pretty proud of themselves but the highlight of the evening was ice cream and lots of toppings.
  • Once we came home, it was bedtime and the kids had quite a bit of reading time tonight.  The boys were pretty pleased-lots of new books from the library and Anderson is even sleeping in the tent.

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