May 25, 2016

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  • It was storming this morning while I was still in bed and it was perfectly wonderful-even hearing the thunder and seeing the lightning, I was not even the least bit concerned about Robby who was wrapping up his water hose during the storm-that is how perfectly comfortable our bed is (and that sales lady said that our mattress was just a "starter mattress" or one "for a teen's bedroom."  What did she know?)
  • Robby left for work as the rain stopped.  Before we were practically finished with breakfast, the neighbor kids were out and my people were dying to go out themselves.  I told them that was fine but when they came in for lunch, we would have to do our chores, school work and eat.  This was fine with them and out they went.  
  • All except for the hour and a half that they were in for lunch, I never really saw the kids today.  Whitman has become my buddy since he will stay in the house the most (which is really the easiest for me).  He watched some movies but played mostly in his room with his trains and his "castle" (imaginext people).
  • At lunch the kids worked quickly with their eyes on the window making sure that the neighbors weren't outside without them.  Filled trash bags were being thrown down the stairs, people were flying through the house with loads of laundry and I have never seen Anderson do school work so quickly.  They only slowed down to eat-leftover pizza and bbq nachos-which they thought was delicious.
  • So outside today the kids spent a lot of time playing in the dirt.  They made a huge moat and while Nonna and Pops were over visiting the kids even tried to make a ramp for their bikes.  Before supper time the girls all worked diligently on a sand (or really a dirt) castle.
  • The kids also spent quite a bit of time playing board games.  This is fine with me since it does give them time to cool off-they asked to play inside but after one look at those filthy people, no way were they coming into my house.
  • Though by 6, the boys were ready to come in but I didn't let them for a while-I wanted to make sure that they were sure they were going to stay inside for good.  After they were scrubbed down, the girls eventually came in and it was supper time-tonight the menu was Shannon's fettuccine alfredo, Louanne's green beans and funeral brownies.  It was definitely a keeper meal. 
  • Another late meal so that meant just a few minutes after supper and then bedtime.  Tonight Whitman was asking to go to bed upstairs...maybe this weekend we will start that. 

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