May 9, 2016

Day After Mother's Day Card for Mom!
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  • Monday morning and the kids were out of bed before the rest of us.  Graham's morning routine now is to do at least one box of school in the morning and then play basketball in his bedroom until breakfast time.  Reagan comes down and gets right to work on her school work.  Campbell will often do a bit of work and she probably does work best first thing in the morning but then she will stop and not really focus well for much of the rest of the day.  Anderson will do anything and everything but school work first thing in the morning. 
  • We had our breakfast-cereal and fruit (I believe that Reagan finished off the rest of a watermelon).  Then it was school time for all.  The kids all did well and were finishing faster than I could put up my laundry.  Usually I am able to put up laundry in between working with the kids and answering their questions but today, things were pretty crazy and I was scrambling to finish my laundry before it was time for us to work together.
  • During work together time the kids colored while I read.  I have at least 20 books (some short and some long chapter books) that I would like to finish by the end of May but I will settle for finishing them by the start of school in the fall.  
  • As soon as we finished, the kids started on chores and I made spamples (spam pieces on pretzels) and mac and cheese.  The kids were beyond thrilled with this lunch and I was even happy to hear Whitman ask for more.  I walked over to get his plate to refill it and saw that he had only eaten the pretzels.
  • Then we finished chores-lego picking up, vacuuming, chalkboard drawing and supper making were some of today's items on the chore list. Then I spent some time on the treadmill while the kids watched their movies.  At 4, I started getting kids ready for soccer practice and at 4:20 while we were starting on supper Robby text saying that soccer was cancelled.
  • The weather was a bit iffy and I am always fine with practice being cancelled but since the weather wasn't yet rainy the kids went outside.  They blew bubbles, went on a walk with the neighbors, played basketball, collected turtles, played tag-today's count was 11 kids in the yard.
  • It began raining around 7, so we brought everyone in and started on showers.  Then we ate Sunday's ice cream and then the kids had lots of reading time tonight which means that we had lots of couch sitting time and everyone was happy! 

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