May 15, 2016

Enjoying a little picnic!
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  • Church morning and the first words spoken to me was "Mom, which ones are my clothes?" I am not too sure why my people (the boys especially) are unable to find anything without help.  I was seconds away from climbing into the shower so only had a towel wrapped around me when I had to go through the pile of clothes.  As I picked up Whitman's clothes, I reminded Graham that his clothes were not the little ones and then I was quickly able to help him rule out any of the dresses as his.  So that just left his clothes and Anderson's clothes.  I guess it is had to tell their clothes apart since they are almost the same week, I am going to put their names on their clothes when I lay them out for church.
  • Now, we didn't really need all of this clothes drama because a family of 8 can not really wake up 45 minutes before they are to leave and expect to leave on time.  We did manage to feed and dress everyone and ourselves but it was not a pretty experience! 
  • The kids were happy to see Pops back in his row at church and happy that the lady behind us had another bag full of candy for them.  Every week she gives them all a full size candy bar-Robby and I even received one last week.  Reagan wrote her a thank you note last week and she also wrote Reagan a thank you note for the beautiful card that she had made for her.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and the kids played outside after lunch.  Once we made it back home the kids settled in on their kindles and Robby and I had ourselves a wonderful afternoon nap.  Not a sole came in our room and disturbed us until the very end of the nap-that made me a happy, happy person!
  • When nap time was finally over, it was time to load back up for church.  Tonight they had a picnic to celebrate Hughey becoming the lead pastor-hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, cookies and ice cream.  Plus jumpies and lots of kids to play with-my kids were in heaven.  Whitman kept busy with the jumpies and the boys enjoyed playing ball and my girls did a little bit of both.  It was a bit cool but fun was had by all.
  • On the way home, the Wilsons wrote to see if we would walk so we ran home to change shoes and then met them at their house.  The kids played outside while we walked and then after our walk, we had a rice krispy treat to celebrate Tony's birthday one more time.  Then it was home for showers and bed for my people-the weekend is over but the start of summer break begins tomorrow! 

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